Insulating yourself from the Financial Roller Coaster

For many Real Estate Professionals (and other Independent contractors/Self-Employed Folks) Finding a Life Rhythm that insulates them from the financial roller coaster is the pot at the end of the rainbow . . . The Holy Grail of the career.

You know the “Real Estate Roller Coaster,” RIGHT?

It’s that thing most self-employed folks experience as they practice their art. BIG FAT INCOME MONTHS . . . and little skinny income months . . . creating a “Feast then Famine then Feast then Famine” scenario in which 50% or more of the time sheer panic RULES.

Are you nodding your head with recognition?

One thing I know for sure . . . We lose all semblance of control when we are in PANIC Mode . . . Some voodoo curse hits us and dollar generating opportunities RUN Away from us.

A better way is to find a life rhythm that evens the flow . . . and a budget that allows us to build reserves during the good times to ease the pain when things shift and income wanes.

So, Let’s consider:

  • Goals and Aspirations
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Lead Generation Habits
  • Prioritization of current Prospects and clients
  • Self-organization
  • Leverage – How do get MORE done with LESS effort?
  • Financial concerns – Spending Habits – Budget (Chart of Accounts)
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • Retirement Plan

No matter how good we are at all of the above, SH_T Happens and we sometimes fall wildly out of balance . . . The true maestros amongst us recognize these times and adapt quickly to the new environment.

Market shifts, Economic Shifts, Political shenanigans, Natural Disasters, Personal anomalies . . . These are ALL “Uncontrollables” which threaten our rhythm always.

How well insulated are YOU?

hmmmmm . . . Just wondering 🙂

This Wednesday August 22 @ 10 AM, we are gathering a group of real estate sales professionals (and anyone else who cares about this topic) to spin some ideas – discuss techniques – and offer support for each other as we ride this wave together. Email me at if you would like to join us.

Lunch will be provide by Lou Britt and Dan Curtis with Met Life.

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