Innovation – It’s a Love Hate Thing

Everything is always moving!

Every day, it seems that everything that is moving (which is EVERYTHING) is moving FASTER.

Just when we think we’ve “got it” we discover we don’t . . . It was illusory . . . a mirage.

All this motion overwhelms most people. That bulk (80%) of the people who crave stability and homogeneity cringe and gripe and cling to the old way and begrudge the new because they are confident that this new stuff will not last long. It’ll be a flash in the pan.

You know . . . Like the internet? It’s just a passing fad, right?

Over time, most of these folks will succumb.

The remaining 20% are the outliers which consist of the 10% who NEVER adapt and the 10% who fuel the fire of innovation by daring to be the test pilots of pretty much anything new-fangled.

The biggest resistance to assuming the risk of adopting new innovations (Redundant?) is the inherent uncertainty of using something that might still be “buggy” . . . OMG! Such HORRORS being inconvenienced by those occasional “system down” moments . . . or the look of the dashboard changes or or or or.

Guess what? This is the new normal. If you are reading this blog post, you are IN this game game whether you want to be or not.

I personally LOVE the innovative products unless they disrupt my normal flow at which point I HATE them until I realize the derived benefit of the new changes and swing back to LOVING them.

Get used to it!

Quit struggling against it and for God’s sake quit whining about it.

This isn’t a personal attack on your productivity.

Ride this wave with love and stop hating.

BTW! I signed on with a whole suite of new back-office software (Brokermint  and Commissions Inc to run Pareto Realty at the beginning of this year and absolutely LOVE the innovation I witness nearly every day. Same goes for our MLS provider

So . . . How ’bout you?



or head in the sand?

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