If you are breathing and you have a real estate license . . .

There are myriad Real Estate Firms that will “hire” you sight unseen just on the chance that you might sell a house or more.

Call me “old fashioned” but this disturbs me a bit.

I’m noticing a trend of Real Estate Firms and teams upping their recruiting games with job postings, cold-calling agents, and other “creative” strategies . . . Just about anything to increase the number of agents on their teams.

Don’t get me wrong here – I’m a Real Estate Principal Broker and owner who also desires to grow my company (Pareto Realty). I tested boosting a Facebook “Recruiting Post” which reportedly was seen many thousands of times resulting in a small hand full (less than 10) inquiries . . . 0 (ZERO) of those inquiries were from agents who met the “minimum requirements for hiring”, and I don’t think the bar is too high.

  • Must have a real estate license in the state of Tennessee
  • Must have sold a minimum of 6 houses in the past 12 months – OR
  • If newly licensed, must agree to a 90 day “Apprenticeship” – License can be released at any time during that 90 days
  • Commitment to being a FULL TIME Real Estate Sales Professional who sells a minimum of 1 house every month (We provide mentorship, coaching and training
  • Provide a Professional Resume
  • Complete the Tony Robbins DISC assessment at http://TonyRobbins.com/DISC
  • Email the results report of the assessment and the resume to me
  • 1:1 Mutual Interview with Principal Broker (To establish “Good Fit” or not)
  • Attend one Pareto Realty meeting (Team Meeting or Training session) As 2nd “Good Fit” test

I understand that many of the folks who read these requirements might think them to be daunting – over-kill. After all, the licensee can go to that other firm down the street that is BEGGING them to join THEIR firm TODAY (no questions asked if the license is in hand).

Here’s my take on this!

If the “prospect” doesn’t like the list of requirements, then we’re probably not a good fit.

I’d much rather grow slowly than compromise the good thing we’ve got here. I feel like the stakes are too high to risk hiring a bad egg . . . the culture of a firm is important for the agents who fit to perform at the level they need to live the quality of life they desire for themselves and their families . . . so there ya have it!

Where you work MATTERS!

The “why” of this post: There are many local and National Real estate firm brands who are very aggressively recruiting here in Middle TN. Some of their “promises” are far-fetched to say the least. Many feel like “Bait and switch” . . . and their tactics are disingenuous . . . Now resorting to telemarketing seemingly to the whole mass of licensees without any target other than to add licenses on their wall.

I say more about this in the video below – Many more videos are at http://BarrysDriveTime.com

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