If they throw you under the bus . . .

They shouldn’t be on your bus in the first place.

Of course, we don’t get to pick our relatives . . . and we don’t have to take it from said relatives without some clever repercussion . . . Oh! Something ridiculous like calling out their cowardly ploy in front of the Matriarch or Patriarch of the family.

As for non-family members, we sometimes don’t have much control over who’s on our bus in our professional/work lives. As a real estate sales professional, I have the great privilege of having the opportunity for myriad people to throw me under the bus . . . That’s one of the things that makes this business THRILLING (and sometimes exasperating).

It seems that anything bad that happens before, during, or after a real estate transaction is the fault of none other than the REALTOR.

So . . . How do we (ALL of us) handle this being thrown under the bus thing gracefully?

For sure, we don’t want to be seen stooping to the level of the perpetrator.

Perhaps a gentle (and very knowing) nod with a smile . . . That’ll make’m squirm as if with ants in pants.

How ’bout a fiery glance with utterance of one word: “KARMA!

or a well composed (truthful) essay explaining the situation to their Mother?

Throwing people under the bus isn’t nice!

Yet – You know what wreaks most about it?

The person who does the throwing is indubitably not telling the truth (Thereby Lying) to cover their own complicity in the crime.

EVERYONE can smell a liar!


Be nice instead!


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