I wanted to buy a house, but I didn’t know HOW?

I lost the opportunity to make @ $500,000 (Yes FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS)

@ 27 years ago when I failed to buy that cute little lakefront cottage with a deep-water dock.

How would my life through the next 25 years have been different had I bought that house?

It’s a shame – the house was listed for $125,000 then . . . and sold again 15 years later for $625,000 . . . that $500,000 gain could have been MINE . . . but it wasn’t.


Because I didn’t know HOW to buy a house, and the agent who showed me the house didn’t EDUCATE me on the process . . . so . . . I returned to my apartment (too proud to let anyone know what I didn’t know) and waited another 10 years before buying my first house.

I now have a MISSION to save as many people as possible from making that same mistake.

There’s NO shame in not knowing the process for buying a house . . . The only shame is accepting ignorance and passing up on a golden opportunity.

So . . . Today and the following 9 days, I offer my “10 Step Process to successfully buy a house”

Step 1 – Needs Analysis

It all begins with finding the RIGHT Real Estate sales Professional for YOU. Ideally, this person is someone you know, like, and trust . . . a person in whom you comfortable confiding . . . who will educate you and advise you throughout the process. This person must be patient, not too pushy, caring, and diligent . . . someone who will advocate in your best interest in all things. This is also a person who KNOWS the area in which you would like to live – a LOCAL PRO!

Where will you find this person?

By referral from friends, family, work associates is a good start . . . or simply contact us at Pareto Realty. If we don’t serve the area where you want to move, we’ll help you find the right specialist for you anywhere in the USA at no cost to you.

Once you’ve identified this person, it’s time for Your “Listening Consultation.

During this (45 Minute) consultation, the first and foremost step is to solidify your commitment to moving. Without a firm commitment from you, this process won’t happen easily if at all.

This appointment is mostly for the purpose of your REALTOR listening to YOU. 

We at Pareto Realty will answer any/all of your questions and offer appropriate guidance including an overview of what you might expect as we journey together towards your new home. What we most want to accomplish in this meeting is to get to know you (and you to get to know us). We see this as the beginning of a long relationship, and we want to be sure that we are all singing the same song.

It’s essential to understand that buying a house is a PROCESS –  not just an event.

Now, it’s time to focus on Your Intentions and Desires.

What is YOUR Ultimate Scenario . . . What is it you wish to accomplish with this move?

At the end of this consultation is the time to establish a formal “Exclusive Buyer Agency” agreement with the agent in the form of a written agreement to work together.

Tune in tomorrow for Step 2 – Prequalifiaction

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