I need it NOW!

Your failure to prepare does not necessarily create an important EMERGENCY for other people . . . or does it?

Things happen!

In the bustle of the morning, we might forget some critical things we need for the day.

Oh things like that file you left on the breakfast table . . . or you dressed casual and suddenly realize you’ve got a high end presentation at 10:00.

Of course, you’ve got too much to do to be able drop and run back to the house, so you do what any self-respecting person would do . . . You call your spouse or parent or friend and ask them to fetch it for ya.

The people who really love you will rescue you from the ramifications of your forgetfulness as long as you are gracious.

Not that anyone would “keep Score” because they know that you would do the same for them in similar circumstances reversed, right?

UNLESS . . . you become a serial forgetter . . . and/or don’t ever seem to have the time to help them when they need it . . . or you starting crying wolf by invoking favors for obviously trivial, non-emergency errands.

Just a gentle nudge to remind everyone not to take advantage of the generous people in their lives.

and don’t EVER say: “I need it NOW!” unless you do.

PS – We REALTORS are often thought of as being quintessentially available to be the fetchers because many folks with “Real Jobs” (9-5) tend to think that we are free-styling all day long and don’t have anything that significant happening that couldn’t be paused long enough to go fetch.

Sometimes people ask me how I come up with things to write about EVERY day.

I almost NEVER have “writer’s block” because life is SO rich with “new material”

. . . says the Dad who just completed a “fetch run” for a daughter who realized that TODAY is the talent show, and she didn’t wear the right clothes to school.


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