“I know it’s probably not the best to be thinking about selling my house, but . . . “



Who is this person who dictates the “Bad time to be selling a house” and defines the “Good Time?”

Who is this “know-it-all” person who is SO enlightened as to your personal situation, your house’s value, the state of the local real estate market, the future economic environment (which would  – I guess – be a “better time” to sell) that he/she can advise you on such matters?


If YOU are thinking about selling your house, then the timing is probably about as right as it could EVER be – for YOU!

It’s none of your business what anyone else thinks about it.

If the time is right, the time is RIGHT!

In my 20+ years of working with Home Buyers and Sellers, I’ve seen some of the most amazing “perfect timing” scenarios play out in the best of markets and the worst of markets.

Each of these amazing stories really makes me look like a fantastic REALTOR, because many of the ecstatic clients bestow high praises on me for finding that perfect house . . . or producing the PERFECT Buyer at JUST the right time.

I’ll take the accolades . . .

Very flattering . . .

The truth is, I’m not the one who “made” ANYTHING happen.

It’s the Buyer and Seller who did it . . .

It is THEY who are responsible for the timing . . . and for buying and/or selling . . . all I did was facilitate a smooth process.

That’s what we professionals do in service to others . . . and the best of us prefer to be “invisible” . . . yet effective . . . because this is NOT “our show” . . .

So . . .

The reality is that we REALTORS really don’t “SELL” houses . . . Homeowners sell houses and home Buyers Buy houses . . . We REALTORS manage the process and do our best to keep all parties legal 🙂

So . . .

All that being said . . .

NOW is the PERFECT time to buy or sell a house if YOU think it is!

Contact me, and let’s get this party/process started!

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