How the drama distractions can unravel even the best laid plans

“They” say that very little in life goes according to plan.

This applies to good things (like stumbling across a brilliant invention) as well as not so good things (like losing sight of and failing to achieve life goals).

Most “plan destruction” happens because of distractions . . . “outside influences” . . . “spanners” . . . “unseeables” . . . Stuff that comes in from “out of the blue” and wrecks the plan.

This is an ever-present reminder that nothing we do is in a vacuum. Our Life experiment is not hermetically sealed (protected) from unpredictable outside forces.

The trick is in knowing what to do with these distractions . . . and how to navigate the (now suddenly) less familiar terrain while keeping the trajectory toward the goal.

Folks who “get” this seem to have this uncanny knack of slogging through the morass and coming out on the other side with something wonderful.

Some folks simply stall out and hunker down in the drama of “woe is me” . . . and stay there until they and/or the project wither into obscurity and dies from lack of forward motion.

Then there are the quitters who at the first sight of resistance take flight . . . turn and RUN . . . often calling it their “entrepreneurial Muse” that just called them away. (These folks often become “Serial Entrepreneurs” starting lots of great ideas and finish few (if any).

Which of these 3 types are you?


Here’s my guess . . . If you’re life is in rhythm and your vision is clear, odds of you getting to finish line increase exponentially AS LONG AS you are MOVING.

Serial Entrepreneurs DO hit home runs occasionally . . . The wild card for them is staying alive long enough for that to happen. Often, they’ve gotta supplement their income with other (more stable – ie “Real Job”) pursuits which generally create distractions of their own.

The point is . . . These Serial Entrepreneurs never stop MOVING . . . and therein lies the secret.

The folks who slog along with purpose towards clear vision have a much higher probability of success . . . because? . . . They never stop MOVING!

The quitters die . . .

Drama Distractions were put on this Earth for the purpose of separating the dabblers from the passionately committed.

What’s your MO . . . Your way?

Just sayin’



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