How Specializing can create more value

Many folks have a tendency to “take whatever comes their way” when times are tough.

“Beggars can’t be choosers” is the justification.

That’s a cop-out . . . Selling yourself short with the implication that power of CHOICE can be taken away.

It can’t!

You ALWAYS have choice.

Reacting to market shifts by “generalizing” your focus is akin to self administered choice denial.

I say when things get tough, it’s time to SPECIALIZE MORE (Not Less).

Become the quintessential EXPERT in a very easily defined niche, and your value will increase.

There’s a HUGE difference between the REALTOR who says:

“I”m a Real Estate Professional.”


“I”m a Real Estate Professional who specializes in helping Home Buyers with purchasing Historic Homes on the East side.”

I’d venture to say that everyone knows at LEAST 5 “Real Estate Professionals”

Those REALTORS who SPECIALIZE become the “Goto” person for Real Estate in their niche.

This Specialization can be:

  • Geographic – “I’m an Historic East Nashville Specialist”
  • Demographic – “I specialize in helping 1st time Home Buyers”
  • Psychographic – “I specialize in helping folks who are “Green” conscious
Here’s the trick!
Most REALTORS want to be THE resource for  “All Things Real Estate” amongst their Sphere of Influence . . . and cannot see the way to do this while being hyper specialized.
This is where building  relationships with other Specialists in the same market becomes important. I become more valuable through the people I KNOW . . . and will REFER Buyer and Seller leads that are not within my Specialized area of expertise.
This keeps my FOCUS on MY Specialty, Serves the client best, and strengthens relationships with my peers (Other Real Estate Professionals).
One of the fundamental tenets of the Business Model for Pareto Realty is to encourage individual specialization for each of our Associates . . . We are assembling a collage of SPECIALISTS and helping each of these folks fine tune their specialties in order to increase their value in the market.
4 sleeps til Christmas . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!
and then a week til 2012 . . .
Odds are decent, you’ll have some time to think . . . How ’bout digging deep within yourself and finding where your specialized passion is?
What part of what you do, REALLY gets you excited?
What’s your perfect client look like?
Now . . . FOCUS on JUST THAT, and I assure you 2012 will be stronger and more fulfilling than 2011 was 🙂
Just sayin’

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