How scared are you?

Are you scared?

Who Scared you?

What are you scared of?

What are YOU scared of?

Scaredy cat scaredy cat . . .

Is it a good scared or a BAD scared?

Is this scaredness paralyzing you or forcing you to get moving?


Mario Andretti said:

“If everything feels like it’s under control, you’re not going fast enough.” 

Did you know there are 2 primary kinds of stress?

“Distress” is the one EVERYONE knows – BAD STRESS . . . and it’s destructive and dangerous . . . a Heart attack in the making.
Eustress” is little known (or acknowledged) – GOOD STRESS – Energizes and exhilarates and gets things MOVING.
Both can be scary.
So . . . I don’t think there’s anything bad or wrong with being scared.
For many of us (maybe ALL of us), FEAR is what we feel when we depart our smug little comfort zones.
Some folks would rather stay in their cocoons and avoid FEAR like the plague.
They avoid being being scared even to the extreme of becoming stagnant and BOOOOORING!
SO . . . Yesterday when I posted this message on Facebook, I did it from the core of my scaredness 🙂

“I just realized that I scare myself everyday as I continue to build Pareto Realty – The Vital Few – I think that means I’m doing something right – Phase III will be about growth”

Building Building Building Momentum . . . and having fewer “under control moments” than “Out of Control Moments”

I think I’m going fast enough.

How ’bout you?

Are you scared?


Try it . . . I can’t wait to see where you end up.

Put the pedal to the metal!

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