How low are you willing go to get more LEADS?

Undeniably, the breakfast of Champions in Real Estate Sales is having a steady flow of new leads.

LEADS are the GOLD!

Without sufficient leads, we go HUNGRY!

So . . . What are YOU willing to do to get more leads?

As with everything, we all have choices . . . MANY choices . . . and some are more savory, palatable, Legal, Ethical than others.

Assuming we are approaching our “Practice” of selling real estate as a long term PROFESSION, our lead generation strategies would include things like:

  • Building a well-organized database of everyone we know – Our SOI (Sphere of Influence)
  • Communicating with EVERY person in this SOI commensurate with their relative VALUE to our business . . . Those most likely to DO business or REFER business with us get more attention than others.
  • Feeding the database consistently and persistently over time by INTENTIONALLY and PURPOSEFULLY going “OUT THERE” and meeting NEW people . . . people we’ve never met before and being certain to “teach them” to know you as THEIR personal resource for ALL things Real Estate
  • Servicing all clients that come IMPECCABLY

(Thank you to Gary Keller for the “Build, Communicate, Feed, Service”)

Most REALTORS are VERY good at the “Servicing” part . . . and not so good at the Building, Communicating, and feeding.

This would be like a “farmer” buying a 100 acre piece of land and sitting back expecting the land to magically produce a bountiful crop . . . Without tilling, sowing, watering, weeding, and protecting the farm . . . That’s not reality.

So . . . If you want the harvest without all of the HARD WORK of FARMING, you’re going to have to cheat.

How low are you willing to go?

Will you:

  • emulate the first oldest profession on the planet and sell yourself short? This involves relying on “PRICE” to attract leads. So you cut your fees . . . and (no surprise) you find yourself attracting clients who always seem to want MORE pricing reductions and prove to be exceedingly difficult to please?
  • Bankrupt yourself by biting off more than you can chew with a HUGE MARKETING CAMPAIGN that costs a BAJILLION Dollars with myriad internet SEO strategies, Pay per click, Bulk Direct Mail, Bus Benches, Billboards, Full page ads in the newspapers, and multi-thousand dollar sponsorships of local events?
  • Join a real estate firm just because they promise you leads from “Floor Duty” . . . random calls to the switchboard and internet registrations? This falls under the category of joining a firm that gives you a fish instead of teaching you how to fish. If you become dependent upon them for all of your leads, what will happen if and when those leads stop flowing?
  • Join a “Mega-Team” and work the “Lead agent’s” business for a fraction of the commission instead of building your own business with a full split.
  • Stoop to the depths of LOW by compromising your integrity and the trust of your REALTOR colleagues and your community by doing something like THIS:

I Had a client call me this week saying she wanted to see the NEW LISTING at “123 Main Street” – Could I schedule a showing?
I couldn’t find the address in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), so I checked the MLS Tax records – Not there either – So on the chance the MLS Tax records had it wrong, I checked the Davidson County Tax records – Not there – So I drove down the street . . . no such address – the listing was showing up on Zillow, trulia, Hotpads . . . a Google search popped it up all over the place . . . Everywhere but MLS . . . So I filled out the “contact form” to see who would respond . . . Yep . . . a REALTOR who had “Listed” a Phantom house in the $600,000 range at a fictitious street address in a Million Dollar Neighborhood . . . sitting back and collecting unsuspecting leads.

I did NOT make this up (I’m not that smart) . . . This story is NOT fiction. 

I’m on a crusade!

Let’s practice with pride and integrity this “2nd oldest profession” on the planet (Real estate Sales) and do more:

  • Building
  • Communicating
  • Feeding
  • servicing

and less of all that other stuff.

I can’t wait to see your business take OFF!

. . . because I know you can, and I know it WILL . . .


PSSST . . . at Pareto Realty, we are building building building our vital few careers with VERY intentional niche-orientation . . . If you’re a REALTOR in Middle TN whose is interested in developing your OWN consistent flow of new LEADS, let’s talk.


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