How “Invested” are you in your choice of Technology?

How much “stuff” do you have “out there” on the internet?

Every day, you log in to a variety of programs and generally find things just as they were when you went to sleep the night before.

What would happen in your world if you were to wake up one morning and your log-in didn’t work . . . and you were greeted by a message that says your access is denied because of “whole system failure”?

Most of us don’t think of things like this. We take it for granted that it’ll always be there for us . . . BUT

Things happen!

Technologies shift . . . LPs then 8 Tracks then Cassettes then CDs then MP3s and ipods . . . If you’re 45 years old, you witnessed the advent and demise of each of those “music delivery systems” . . . How invested were you in each when the next generation showed up?

Large Information Systems companies think about these things often . . . They talk in terms of “redundancy” and keeping local and on-line back-ups and having reserve servers . . . “just in case”

Because . . . Tsunamis happen . . . Power failure happens . . . new technology emerges . . . corporate buy-outs happen . . . disgruntled employees wreak havoc on the database . . . evil internet demons create virus attacks . . . etc etc etc.

What’s YOUR back-up?

I believe the ultimate back-up is the human element . . . relationships. When in crisis, people pool resources and get things done.

On the data side . . . Have you considered a “Paper Back-up System”?

When it comes to preserving your sanity, we must continually remind ourselves that everything is always moving . . . and that our best defense is a good offense.

The best “Good Offense” begins with surrounding yourself with the “Right people” and subscribing to the “it takes a village” school of thought 🙂

Just sayin’



PS . . . If you want to hone your “It takes a Village” skills, join at the Nashville Real estate Consortium May 5 in Nashville. You do NOT have to be a REALTOR to attend this community event . . . and I am certain you will find yourself surrounded by “right people”. Details are here

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