How Historical Trends affect the value of your house

The short answer?

They DON’T!

Trends show us not much more than the natural ebb and flow of Market Dynamics.

These flows “trend” up or down and give the “experts” fodder for proselytizing about the significance of the cycles . . . and their opinion of the health of the market.

Yes! The ONLY semi-predictable aspect is that of the organic life cycle

  • Conception

  • Birth

  • Adolescence

  • Maturity

  • Death

Each cycle contains the HIGHEST and the LOWEST . . .

So . . . We experts CAN with reasonable success predict the lay of the land ahead based on where we are in the cycle . . . but the trick is the WHEN?

No one is THAT smart . . . Maybe lucky once in while.


What’s your house worth in today’s market?

The REAL answer is that it’s worth what a seller is willing to accept and a Buyer is willing to pay given the market exposure and conditions on THAT day.

The appraiser might disagree (a pesky detail we encounter more frequently than we like), and in my mind, that’s not a reflection of the house’s value . . . It’s a person with the “Positional Power” to render an opinion based on . . . “Historical Trends” . . . So . . . the appraisal doesn’t (IMHO) change the value of the house, but it DOES sometimes dictate a change in the agreed upon purchase price.

The reality is that, like’m or not, appraisals are part of the process and are largely unavoidable because that person or entity who’s providing the cash for the purchase wants some assurance that in the event the Buyer defaults on the loan, the lender will be able to sell the property with minimal loss.

The irony is that these Lenders are putting their money on a bet that the Historical trends prescribe the future (Which they don’t)

NO ONE knows the probably VALUE of your house better than an ACTIVE and ENGAGED Real Estate Sales Professional who is immersed in the market AND tuned in to a specific niche within which your house resides.

Clear as mud?

Time’s a-wasting . . . NOW is the PERFECT time to get this process of moving started . . . before interest rates begin their climb (Projected to start happening any day now.

I and the team of Vital Few REALTORS @ Pareto Realty, stand poised and ready to consult with you NOW, so we can build a great strategy for you to get FULL value when you sell your house.

Connect with us or your favorite LOCAL REALTOR and ask for an initial consultation.

What IS your house worth?

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