House Listed for sale isn’t selling – Thinking about renting it?

SO . . . Your house has been sitting on the market for MONTHS, and you’re beginning to get tired of the process and ready to move on.

You still want to sell it . . . You may NEED to sell it because you’ve already moved, and it’s another mortgage payment every month.

Wouldn’t it help to get some cash flow out of it?

Could you rent it to someone until the market improves?

Well, sure you could!

BUT . . . You don’t want to be a landlord because you’ve heard all of the headaches associated with that.

You like your REALTOR and understand that she has done a great job marketing your house . . . Perhaps SHE would be willing to “manage” a tenant?

Beware! Unless your REALTOR is a Property Management Specialist you are inviting a potentially messy situation . . . Ask her if she knows of a Property Manager who can help you rather than asking her to do it . . . and create an understand between all parties that the property manager manages the property until the need for leasing goes away at which point the REALTOR re-lists the property for sale.

Everyone stays with their specialty and you the client enjoy impeccable service throughout the process.

Fortunately, I know of a property manager here in Nashville & Brentwood TN who specializes in partnering with REALTORS to help their clients find great tenants during this “interim” leasing period until the market recovers enough to sell.

Todd Jackson with Stone River Properties

The risk is simply too high . . . Work with SPECIALISTS!

I’m just sayin’



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