Home Mortgages, Banks, the Fed policy . . . How can we help?

There aren’t many folks out there would would disagree that getting the Real Estate markets MOVING is an instrumental piece of National Economic buoyancy as well being a HUGE fire starter of job growth . . . More employed people yields more overall prosperity.

All boats rise with the tide.

The US Senators “Get” this but are having difficulties wrangling with the Federal Government’s role in all of this.

Some think that MORE Government intervention is what is needed to keep things moving . . .

While others advocate policy that increases securitization that entices Private Sector Investors back into the game.

An intrepid group of REALTORS are going to gather this Wednesday to tackle these very issues. We’re going to look at some of the congressional proposals, seek to understand, and brainstorm our own notions with some old-fashioned Solution-oriented Masterminding.

You can reserve a seat at the table – Just contact me! 615.568.2123 or barry@paretorealtyllc.com 

Seating is limited and we’ll enjoy a FREE LUNCH provided by Laurel McKenzie with Suntrust Bank.

Wednesday January 18

10 til Noon

Suntrust Building 401 Church – Downtown Nashville 1st Floor.

If we get some really good ideas, we can pass them along to our Senators 🙂

Looking forward to lively discussion on Wednesday!

Now . . . Sell a house between now and then 🙂



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