Hire a Real Estate Private Investigator

Most people think REALTORS are “Salespeople.”

Another common myth is that we have it easy.

All we do day in and day out is flit around the community in fancy cars and deposit fat checks in our bank accounts.

We obviously make this “job” look too easy, as also evidenced by the relatively high incidence of former clients deciding to get their real estate licenses.

Every real estate sales professional markets differently.

Most brag about being “#1” in service and commitment and negotiating skills and knowledge of the local market and . . .

I think we REALTORS are selling ourselves short.

We are failing to “brag” about the REAL value we bring to most of our clients.

Don’t you believe that knowledge is POWER?

We REALTORS know this and therefore focus on providing our clients the most knowledge possible regarding the transaction . . . so the clients can make informed decisions.

Those of us who get this right succeed at an insanely high level because ALL of the clients view their REALTORs as being real estate WIZARDS who seem to conjure up the right information which leads to smoother transaction and results in  clients getting more favorable terms than others.

How do we DO this?

shhhhh . . . here’s our magic secret . . .

We’re not really “Salespeople” . . .

We are “Private Investigators”

While you are OOOing and AHHHing over the the features of the house, we are doing a thorough investigation into everything we can learn about the house and the Sellers.

  • When did the Seller buy the house at what price?
  • How many mortgages are there . . . and for how much?
  • We google the sellers to see what we can learn about where they work and what might be the REAL reason they are moving?
  • Have they already bought another house, or do they own other houses?
  • Are there any red flags about the condition of the house.
  • Is the house in a flood plain, Historic District, or a planned unit development with wonky restrictions?
  • Have they had other offers, and why didn’t those close?
  • Are there any significant impending changes on tap for the neighborhood?

We dig and we dig and we dig and we ask questions and talk to neighbors and do whatever we can to shield our clients from the harm of undisclosed factors.

Where the rubber hits the road is when we bring all of that knowledge to the client and THEN build a solid strategy for negotiating the deal.

So . . . When you are ready to buy or sell a house, you don’t need a great salesperson after all . . . You need a REPI!

(We have a whole flock of REPIs here at Pareto Realty¬†– Connect with us when you’re in the mood for a move.)

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