HEY! What are YOU doing?

Please read each of the below questions out loud . . . pause between each:

WHAT are you doing?
What are YOU doing?
What are you DOING?
What ARE you doing?
WHAT are YOU doing?


What happened in your gut with each question?

Did some questions feel better than others?

Maybe you had the feeling that you’ve been caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing . . . or not doing something you SHOULD be doing.

or did you offend someone?

or perhaps you’re about to receive praise  . . . or a hug

It’s YOUR choice what you do with that question and/or how you read the tone of the questioner.

I got a random call yesterday from a person I don’t know. I know who he is but have never met him in person.


LOUD and DIRECT . . . every emotion imaginable scrambled through my brain with a rush . . . I climbed inside my head and examined my recent past before responding.

Had I really screwed something up?

A real estate deal gone awry?

An offensive blog post or errant tweet?

Nothing surfaced, so I decided that I must have been caught doing something right, so I answered:

“Doing what I do best! How are things in your world?”

As the conversation developed, it became clear to me that the caller was very appreciative of the local community building – people connecting efforts I have been doing the past couple years. He had been watching me for a while and had 2 questions he needed me to answer.

  1. WHY am I doing all of this? 
  2. What do I get out of it all?

He was looking for authenticity . . . Am I real?

or am I snake in the grass or a wolf in sheep’s clothing luring innocent, defenseless folks into my lair for personal gain?

This conversation was fun for me because it was all good. All I had to do is “Do what I do Best” by telling the truth.

I connect people because I know in my heart that all boats rise with the tide . . . and the tide in any community rises faster when people are CONNECTED.

and so I connect people . . . THAT’s what I’m doing 🙂

I connect House Buyers and Sellers . . .

I connect Businesses to Businesses . . .

I connect friends to friends . . .

Sweet clarity!

So . . .

What are YOU doing?


BTW – The financial part shows up pretty much all by itself the more authentic your path 🙂

Just sayin’




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