Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and i wish ALL Mothers all the best as we celebrate you tomorrow. I sit here thinking of the many ways I appreciate my Mother . . . and my wife Debbie as the Mother of our children. I am awestruck!

I think back and can remember so many memories of my Mother throughout my 51 year life. Some good – Some not so good . . . and I think about the fact that this is a time to appreciate the DIFFERENCE my Mom and Debbie (and all Mom’s) have made in the world. Of course, there are accomplishments. My Mother was legendary with her work in “Early childhood” here in Nashville at Vanderbilt and Westminster . . . Instrumental in her work with the Nashville Symphony and Chorus (Pied Piper Series and Decades with the Chorus).

What Mom did best was raise 4 “kids” who are ALL significant contributors in their communities and work – Amy and Liz in Chicago, Cam in Boston, and me here in Nashville. Without Mom, none of us would be where we are today because SHE made sure that we got the best education, Music, Sports, etc even as she had very limited resources (Income). We are all successful in our careers and have stable families.

Debbie? She is a brilliantly creative writer, a Committed REALTOR, a caretaker for everyone, runner, singer, flutist, artist . . . and she amazes me with her strength and commitment to our 3 children tyler
, Jessica, and Allison. Debbie encourages each to follow individual passion and to LIVE. She teaches them manners and integrity, and responsibility and love and caring and creativity and they are all WONDERFUL human beings.

I am SO proud of each of our children and SO thankful to Deb for being the strong Mom she is.

So . . . thank you Mom and Thank you Debbie and Thank you to ALL Moms out there.

there are NO individual actions or memories useful . . . The true “judgement” shows up in the pudding (Offspring)


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