Going DEEP with everything you do

Are you getting the FULL benefit of everything you do?

Do you think “DEEP” or “WIDE”?

WIDE thinking is shallow – It’s a single email or direct mail BLAST to a large number of people accompanied by a prayer that the message will resonate with a few of them thereby leading to new business.

DEEP thinking involves crafting one message and using it in a variety of targeted ways . . . such that most of the recipients see that message more than once, and these recipients are already people who are likely “warm” to the message.

One of my first business coaches encouraged me to “go deep” with everything I write.

This is “permission to be lazy” in the sense that the thought process is to create it ONCE and use it everywhere.

I prefer to call it “efficient.”

Often, the blog posts I write don’t start as blog posts. Most come from real live scenarios with the names changed to protect the innocent (and maintain confidentiality).

Some (like the message below) are the product of a marketing piece (or letter) that I’ve written to communicate with my sphere of influence.

All of it gets used in as many ways as I can imagine – Blog – email – Training materials – Operations Manual – MArketing ads or postcards . . .

This morning, I wrote a letter to my Farm:

My family moved into a new neighborhood in 2010. We love the location and amenities (The pools are awesome) and enjoy walking our dogs through the neighborhood every day.

Safety and security are very important to us, and we feel fortunate that our new neighborhood has very little drama with respect to crime . . . yet we know that we are not exempt.

Some months ago, I had the thought that it would be good to learn more about the Metro Nashville Police DepartmentNeighborhood Watch” program, so I attended one of the training meetings at the West Precinct. I learned a LOT and want to share some of those learnings and invite you to plug in to some very easy crime prevention habits and networks, so we can all keep our neighborhood SAFE.

The first thing I learned was that Neighborhood Watch is NOT armed patrolling neighbors.

It is ALL about Neighbors knowing neighbors and everyone being AWARE of what’s happening in the neighborhood. The better we each know each other, and the more vigilant we are of our neighborhood, the better the odds that we will NOTICE something out of kilter.

The key is to report weird stuff as soon as we notice. If it’s an EMERGENCY, dial 911 . . . Non-emergency (weird things you notice) 615.862.8600

The police department urges us to report anything and everything we see that’s “weird” to the non-emergency number because sometimes those random sightings can connect the dots on an open investigation. They stress: DO NOT APPROACH a person you think is up to mischief – REPORT that person.

To help us all with communicating, there are a few “Social Networks” already available:

https://nextdoor.com – Sign in with your Address and email. This is a “Listserve” of neighbors. It’s a safe/private community communication space to report lost and found pets, neighborhood events, issues of concern . . . ANYTHING!

I created An information page on my website. It includes links for people to see currently available for sale houses & condos and neighborhood information.

and a FACEBOOK group

Please connect with me if you have any questions or comments and/or have any real estate needs.

Business building (Lead Generating) gets a lot easier when we’re the “connectors” in our communities.

DEEP . . . not W I D E

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