Goal setting doesn’t work

I just thought of the BEST Christmas present most folks could receive this year.

ANYTHING that would help her enjoy a better quality of life in 2015 . . .

For some, this would require a “Light Rehab” of Habits . . . Others might need to scrape the lot and build from scratch.

Here in Middle Tennessee, I periodically offer a workshop I call “Life Rhythm” which is all about helping folks optimize their performance personally and professionally.

This can be excruciatingly painful “transformation” and with proper support and accountability, it can be life changing.

It’s worth doing!

Funny thing is . . . the people who need this stuff the most are the best at failing to show up . . . These folks can think of millions of reasons they cannot attend – Too busy – thereby entombing themselves (and their performance potential) in a life of perpetual franticism. (I made up that word)

the first line of defense against taking the time to Set goals and work on learning new, healthier, more efficient habits is usually:

Goal setting doesn’t work!

In a promotional email for a workshop, Michael Hyatt NAILS it – This is not only “justification” for investing the time, energy, and money it’s makes it darn near NECESSARY if you’re in the frame of mind to set goals and actually DO something with them in 2015 . . .

From Michael Hyatt:

“Goal setting doesn’t work.”

I hear this a lot. And I understand why people say it: Most people set the same New Year’s resolution ten separate times without success.

And then, they beat up on themselves for letting another year go by without making progress. They feel embarrassed and defeated that they’re still not exercising, still stuck in their job, still desperate for more time with their families.

If that’s you, I want this to be the year you break that cycle.

And I have good news.

You don’t have to be a super-human high-achiever to do it.

New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt shows you exactly how to get clear, get motivated and accomplish more of what you want in 2015.

Would you like to BLOW THE DOORS off personally and professionally in 2015?

Let’s do it . . .

Lead with attending this workshop beginning January 7 to help you establish great habits to create your own, personal Life Rhythm of “Live, Work, Play.”

This series of 4 two hour sessions (Each Wednesday of January) is designed to take you from wherever you are now to a level of productivity and fulfillment that might just baffle you.

It’s a simple 4 part equation:

1. Who are you, and where are you going?
2. How will you budget your time energy & Money?
3. Learn the dance of working “IN” and “ON” your business
4. Self-work – Being your authentic self – ALWAYS

Pssst – This workshop is NOT just for REALTORS – Feel free to share this with others (Your Lenders/Vendors/Family/Friends – Anyone you would like to witness achieving Herculean success and performance in 2015 

Your investment::

– 2 hours (11-1) Every Wednesday in January
– The cost is $150 TOTAL Covers all 4 sessions and materials

(No fee for Pareto Realty Members and prior LRW attendees exempt)

We call this “The Life Rhythm Way” (LRW)

It’s about establishing new (good) HABITS to help you find a healthy flow of Live, Work, and Play.

Oh! and establishing appropriate accountability.

At the end, you’ll have a completely new “way” . . .

and odds are excellent that you’ll be getting a LOT more done with less effort.

Just opt in by visiting the Facebook event page at THIS LINK

Are you IN?

So . . . Will you commit NOW to being the BEST you can be in 2015?

If so, connect with me NOW to save your seat.
Are you IN?
Don’t forget that part about this being a great GIFT for someone you know who could use some FOCUSING and new perspective.
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