Gaming the System

Is it OK to beg forgiveness instead of asking permission?

Some folks believe rules are made to be broken . . . or at least stretched.

The most creative “stretchers” can game the system without repercussion until some smart “whistle blower” notices and spoils the brew . . . at which point, they beg forgiveness and are often rewarded with it.

After all, you’re not guilty until you’re caught and even then, you can claim ignorance or insanity.

I recently intervened in the life of a close relative who was experiencing unexplainable health issues and suddenly seemed to be slipping mentally. We took her to the hospital and learned there was a veritable cocktail of “controlled substances” in her system.

We were mystified because this is NOT a person anyone would suspect of abusing drugs . . . so we dug deeper. We discovered MANY thousands of pills in her home . . . most were prescribed by one doctor who would write a new prescription at every visit to treat symptoms of an unknown and undiagnosed physical ailment.

These are drugs that are VERY regulated by Law, yet this Dr could prescribe them repeatedly to get past the Federal requirement that they could not be “refillable.”

Some Drs don’t want the inconvenience of having to write a new prescription every 30 days (per the law), so it is permissible for them to write multiple prescriptions at one sitting with “Fill Dates” in the future. We found many of these having never been filled.

We all have opportunities in our work and life to “cut corners” or “grant a favor” or “get away with a little white lie,” and I ask you now:

Is it worth doing?

Does the short term benefit merit the potential long term loss of credibility, authenticity, reputation, livelihood, and/or FREEDOM?

Yes . . . there are many folks spending time in the pokie just because they stretched into the gray areas of permissibility and went too far . . . then got caught.

DON’T do this!

If you don’t like the rules, approach the stewards of the rules and register your request to amend them armed with a viable argument.

General rule of thumb:

If you’re about to do something and are not sure that it’s “right” in accordance to the rules and law . . . It’s likely that it is NOT right!

So often I, as Principal Broker of Pareto Realty, have an agent call me to ask if it’s OK for them to do this or that . . . and my first response is always a return question: “What do YOU think?”

Invariably, the answer reveals trepidation . . . so we then explore ways we can achieve the same results with a different, compliant method.

We ALL have a Moral and Ethical Compass . . . Pay attention!

Because I KNOW you WANT to the right thing . . . ALWAYS!

Published by Barry Owen

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