Forgiveness not Permission – Skunkworks!

Within most organizations, there are small tribes of renegades deeply embedded in the mass of humanity¬† AKA “All of the workers and their bosses.”

Most of the people in most organizations clock in and do their jobs just as they have done for years.

Each of these folks know ways to improve the operation or create innovative products or services but choose not to speak up because they’ve witnessed others’ attempts to effect change only to be silenced by:

We can’t do THAT! What we are doing now works just fine.

Why rock the boat?

This change is going to create more work for us to implement.

The higher ups won’t EVER buy into this.

There’s too much risk . . . What if it fails?

Meanwhile, the embedded tribe of renegades is secretly conspiring to embark on a stealth operation of epic proportions . . . They are building a Trojan Horse.

¬†All of their co-workers think they’ve gone rogue with these batty ideas.

This is NOT a safe adventure.

After all if the leadership catches wind of this devious scheme, they’ll likely squash it and/or prosecute the offenders . . . might even say those dreaded 2 1/2 words “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Yet these renegades are fueled with extreme passion and have none of those concerns . . . Their intentions are purely along the lines of doing GOOD for the organization even as they may be labeled as stealth resistance fighters who are not better than being disruptive to this “safe” environment we have created.

Here’s the truth! Most of these revolutionaries are doing everything they can do to upset the apple cart of complacency out of LOVE for the organization. This “clandestine” group of rebels are doing what they are doing because they KNOW that even as the organization is seemingly oh-so-stable, the environment beyond the 4 walls is in perpetual flux . . . Nothing stays the same . . . It’s ALL moving – ALWAYS.

Adapt and innovate or DIE!

A quick story about this:

9 Things Invented or Discovered by Accident

A Post-it note is a small piece of paper with a strip of low-tack adhesive on the back that allows it to be temporarily attached to documents, walls, computer monitors, and just about anything else. The idea for the Post-it note was conceived in 1974 by Arthur Fry as a way of holding bookmarks in his hymnal while singing in the church choir. He was aware of an adhesive accidentally developed in 1968 by fellow 3M employee Spencer Silver. No application for the lightly sticky stuff was apparent until Fry’s idea. The 3M company was initially skeptical about the product’s profitability, but in 1980, the product was introduced around the world. Today, Post-it notes are sold in more than 100 countries.

3M was more than “Skeptical” . . . A deeper look at what actually happened was that these employees moved forward with this idea in secret and off the clock . . . and the “suits” discredited it as a viable project until . . . they saw the light and brought it to the market.

Just think . . . Without those pioneers at 3M risking their livelihood (jobs), we wouldn’t have these magical and colorful postits in our lives . . . How drab and disorganized our lives would be today.

Thank you God for all those outliers out there who take “Beg forgiveness instead of seeking permission” very seriously!

What’s YOUR idea that is in your head that others squelch when you mention it?

How many times will you have to hear from the nay sayers before you give them the power kill your dream?


Why don’t you just go silent about this to the naysayers and shift all of your focus to a “proceed til tackled” mindset?

The worst thing that can happen is that you determine it wasn’t a good idea . . .

or this is not the right time for this idea . . .

or it’s the PERFECT idea at EXACTLY the right time in the right place, and you’re the only one (so far) positioned to bring it to fruition for the benefit of everyone.


Make it happen!

I’m betting the right people will show up to join you, and together y’all will change your little slice of the world in magical ways.


Published by Barry Owen

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