For the love of the game!

Today is daughter Allison’s 15th Birthday.

Since birth, everyone who has been lucky enough to spend time with Allison knows her as one of the most caring people on the planet.

Even her “toddlers” teacher was consistently amazed at her nurturing Spirit and her Motherly instinct when someone else was having difficulty.

Allison has always been the FIRST in any group to run to aid of an injured (physically or emotionally) person.

This young lady is SO loving that, when she got into trouble (which didn’t happen often), she would run TOWARDS us to hug us by way of apology.

FULL of love – and Allison also has been lucky to have some very important Teachers and adult friends and extended family who have all recognized and reinforced her burgeoning love of life.

I think of Debbie & me – her GrandMothers Betty & Fran & Ethelyn & Jean – GrandFathers Harrison, Peter, Heber, Bill – Her Aunts Amy, Liz, Karen, Debra, Martha, Lisa, Rhonda, & Mitzi – Her Uncles Steve, Cam, & Buck – her siblings Jessica, Tyler, Meaghan – and her oh-so-important teachers through the years and her coach David Marmolejo.

I think if anyone were to ask any of these people about Allison, they would respond that in all things she “plays for the love of game”

FULL of life and FAR more mature and wise than her years.

This “tribute” comes flowing from my proud mind as a result of a Happy Birthday call first thing this morning.

I wished Allison Happy Birthday, and she said: “Well actually, I am not 15 just yet . . . I’ll turn 15 @ 9:30 this morning”

How PERFECT is THAT? . . . because at 9:30, Allison will be playing a game she truly loves and will have many of her favorite people watching the game.

Win – Lose – or Draw . . . Allison is going to LOVE this game of SOCCER

We can all learn a LOT about “playing for the love of the game” from Allison . . . and I think it begins with letting go and stopping taking everything so seriously.

and caring . . .

We love you Allison, and we are thankful for your many gifts to us through the years.

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