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Everything is moving . . . ALWAYS!

In My Facebook Live “Drive Time” broadcast this morning

I talked about this . . .

In everything you do, are you always on a personal quest to do it better, faster, more efficiently, more effectively than before?

I’ll BOLDLY state the you had better be of this mindset in today’s world, or you’ll find yourself wandering around in the murk of the dust left by your competitors . . . or the market shifts . . . or socio-economic swings . . . or international bickering . . . or Natural disasters.

You’ll be better off to be AWARE, alert, and light on your feet such that you can respond to the dynamic environment of today’s world.

Michael Gerber offers a fantastic “formula” to help us learn these skills as he explains how we can break through our respective Ceilings of achievement.

FOCUS – Yes! We MUST clear the clutter and hermetically seal ourselves from all outside distractions frequently. Best to plan for this . . . I reserve 30 minutes each morning and each afternoon to do this . . . also each 1st day and last day of each week . . . and a longer period of contemplation at the conclusion of each month.

OPTIONS – Spontaneity is FUN but DANGEROUS! Be a ravenous reader and researcher and ask tough questions before committing to a new thing. In this day and age of access to all prior Human Knowledge from the internet, this is easier than ever . . . So Why don’t more people do it? Discover all available options and Intentionally CHOOSE the one that will make things better for you.

Models – Sure! It can be fun to build a new model, but before you do – Check around to see if someone has already built it. If it’s there but not perfect, buy it and adapt it to your liking. If it ain’t there, build your own. You don’t have a business unless you have a MODEL (Skeletal Structure with a firm foundation). Without this, you’re extremely vulnerable to change.

Systems – What you are doing is likely repetitive. Yep! You have a process that you execute with every one of your clients. If you are “winging it”, you are essentially doing it the first time every time you do it. Better to document the steps and create a system for getting this thing done . . . Review this system every time you do it, and tweak as you go. This is especially valuable when you need someone else to use your system . . . They’ll have the manual with all of the steps laid out in front of them – Easy peasy!

Accountability – Without someone else (outside your own body) holding you accountable to doing what you say you are going to do each day/week/year, the odds of you succeeding are near ZERO! This accountability process does not have to be painful or complex. You partner in this does not even have to know ANYTHING about your business . . . only what you are committing to do. Here’s an easy “Model” . . . Every Monday morning, you must FIRST FOCUS to consider your OPTIONS for the week – Do they mesh with your current Model and/or are there systems in place to gets these done? If not . . . reserve time to build them. Write down your commitments for the week and email them to you accountability NLT 9 AM every Monday Morning . . . Then CALL or meet with that person at 10.

This is what you said you would do last week——– Did you do it?

You did it? GREAT! What will you commit to do THIS week?


You didn’t do it? Why not?

Oh! You got sideswiped with a high maintenance client or “Life came at you FAST!”

Is it still important?

It is? OK! Should this be your goal for this week?


It’s not as important anymore?

Can you Delegate it?

or maybe “Table it” for another time

or should you just trash it and not do it at all?

This ain’t rocket science!

This IS important!

Without a consistent and persistent diligence around FOCUS, OPTIONS, MODELS, SYSTEMS, & ACCOUNTABILITY, you’re leaving your success to chance.

You’re hoping for accidental success (at best).

Isn’t it about to start living your life and running your business on purpose?


I’m your biggest cheerleader –

Go find your accountability partner NOW!

Oh – and come to our August Mastermind on the 16th @ 11-1 – I’ll GIVE you my model and teach you my system for doing all this – Link is below!

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