Finishing an already great experience . . .

There’s a difference between “Satisfying” customers and “WOWING” customers.

Often, that difference isn’t much of a gap.

The secret to taking your customer service from “Good” to “GREAT” lies in your organization’s ability to capture (HEAR) your customer’s constructive criticism, feedback, and/or suggestions for improvement . . . AND to take appropriate ACTION.

If your customers aren’t giving you feedback, it’s most likely because you are not asking for it . . . or you’re asking for it the wrong way . . . or they don’t think you’ll HEAR them and take action.

The first litmus test for any organization to receive feedback is the “CARE factor” . . . Do your customers believe you and your employees CARE?

If yes, they will help you grow your business by letting you know when they feel any hint of disappointment regarding your service.

Perhaps the BEST way to “solicit” this business building “help” from your customers is to ask for it in a way that communicates that you care.

Perhaps a stack of note cards at the front door that simply say:

“If while we are serving you, you feel even the slightest twinge of disappointment, we simply ask you write us a short note about why . . . and PLEASE let us know how YOU would like us to change or service or policy. Include your Name and Contact information if you would like us to follow up with you concerning this issue.”

Twice in the past 2 months, my family has had occasion to spend multiple nights at Embassy Suites Denver -Southeast! We have continued to return because our experiences have been very GOOD. The staff has been attentive, the free breakfasts phenomenal, the location PERFECT, the rooms spacious and comfortably well appointed, the 6 story atrium inviting . . . It’s been all good  . . . well . . . almost “ALL” good . . . but not quite “GREAT”

This morning at breakfast, I wondered wherein lay my twinge of disappointment so I asked a couple of the people in our group what they thought could be improved.

Without even a moment’s hesitation, I heard 3 things:

  • Promptly at the end of the free breakfast, they turn OFF the coffee machine. Why couldn’t they leave it on all day? After all, the atrium is so nice, people like to sit and gather there. Couldn’t they do as the Hampton Inn folks do in EVERY Hampton Inn and always have free, fresh coffee, fresh fruit (apples/Bananas), and warm cookies available?
  • More “Comfy Seating” in the atrium/lobby . . . 3 couches isn’t enough even though there are plenty of tables and chairs
  • More Electrical outlets throughout the atrium and in the suites . . . Virtually EVERYONE these days needs to plug SOMETHING in – Cell phones, computers, etc

Those are 3 very easily (and inexpensively) fixed “issues” that could markedly tip the scale from “Good” to “GREAT” for this hotel.

How ’bout YOUR business?

Are your customers offering feedback to help you grow your business?

Do you have systems in place to capture this feedback?

Are you willing to LISTEN and to CHANGE appropriately?

Do you CARE enough to do this?

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