“Favor” Obligations

When you ask a favor of someone, YOU also have some level of Obligation:

  • Remember “Beggars can’t be choosers” – Accept what he is willing to do for you even if it’s not “perfect”
  • Be on time – Don’t inconvenience . . .
  • Be Flexible – Remember she is going out of her way to help you
  • Have Gratitude – Be gracious and thankful before, during and after
  • Assemble a Good Team – Don’t over-work those who volunteer
  • Be Specific – Communicate EXACTLY what you need most
  • Serve as you are being served – Pitch in and do whatever you can do to make her job of doing a favor for you easier
  • Publicly acknowledge – Swallow your pride and ego.
  • REWARD – Bake him a pie – or sit for her kids – do SOMETHING
  • Reciprocate – Actively be on the lookout for ways you can return a favor
  • Remember
  • Don’t keep score

When you do a favor for someone:

  • Expect NOTHING in return! Do it out of the goodness of your heart

All in the name of fostering a kinder, gentler, and more polite world.

I think I can speak for most all REALTORS that most all of do a large amount of “Pro-Bono” work as we serve our clients and communities as their “resource for all things real estate” . . . and we do so unconditionally.

How can we serve YOU?

PS Pareto Realty’s focus is on service to Local REALTORS and Home Buyers and sellers . . . We pledge always to be attentive to more of what really MATTERs.


Published by Barry Owen

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