Eyes WIDE Open!

Something I’ve noticed about the most successful professionals I know. They are seen EVERYWHERE . . . and known by EVERYONE!

How do they DO that?

What’s the secret?

We could easily “blame” success on “Luck” or “Inherited Status” or “Superior Intelligence” or “Unnatural Ability” . . . and if we proclaim all of that to be true, then “Personality Profile” tests should ABSOLUTELY be able to tell us who’s going to succeed and who isn’t.

I think “Blaming” other people’s success on anything is a cop out . . . It’s an excuse to continue wandering through life with blinders on and eyes semi-closed to opportunities which parade past all of us every day.

I believe that the most stark difference between the most successful people and all the others is that successful people tend to keep their eyes WIDE open . . . always looking for new and interesting experiences . . . without excuses . . . and opting IN as often as possible . . . then SHOWING UP and engaging.

Others can make excuses that their schedules are “so full” and that going to “Those events” is SUCH a waste of time.

If you attend ANYTHING with it in your head that it’s going to be a waste of time . . . It WILL BE!

The Most successful folks hold the magical trump card . . . They know that if they go to the event and engage fully and are finding that they are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value they can MOVE ON!

That’s right . . . They have the audacity to believe they should never be “imprisoned” in a place where they are miserable and wasting time . . . and so they consistently opt in . . . show up . . . engage . . . and use their 2 feet to go elsewhere as soon as they realize that it’s not a useful pursuit.

Tomorrow is www.REBarCampNashville 4/13 – a wonderful event (technology oriented) where there will 600 or so of the most successful Real Estate Professionals in the country spending a full day together to ENGAGE fully and share and learn from each other. If you have a ticket, SHOW UP . . . If you don’t have a ticket, find someone who does but has decided not to go.

A few weeks later, I am coordinating the Nashville Real Estate Consortium May 5 . . . another FREE all day conference with a whole passel of TOP NOTCH Real Estate Professionals and @ 30 local businesses all gather to explore issues and opportunities around the theme of leveraging relationships to fortify Nashville’s economy and thereby build stronger businesses.

Tickets are here http://NashvilleRealtorConsortium.eventbrite.com (Only 200 are available).

There are FREE events happening all of the time . . . Keep your eyes WIDE open  – Show Up and ENGAGE, and I promise your business will flourish.

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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