Ever considered the notion that your perception might not match reality?

This morning, I sat down in front of the computer and asked my family what I should write about (as I sometimes do when my brain is vapor-locked).

My wife said: “Perception”

My 11 year daughter said: “Similes, metaphors, comparisons & contrasting” (I misspelled “Metaphores” and was instantly corrected “metaphors”) – YIKES!

I think I’ll go with the perception.

If a person journeys through life believing that she is always RIGHT . . . with conviction . . . that her perception is the ONLY perception . . . and that her mission in life to make believers of ALL of us in her perception . . . Then she is not inviting new knowledge and relationships.

Win-Win cannot happen.

How’s it feel when you run across one of those “It’s my way, or the highway” people?

Could you possibly be guilty of the same occasionally?

Everyone has their own perceptions about everything . . . It’s what you do with that perception that defines who you are and who you attract (or repel) in your life.

You cannot be open to new and interesting ideas and/or creative solutions if you charge through life forcing your perception on others. 

Perception is a personal filter.

The mind works best like a parachute . . . when it’s OPEN!

When communication flow breaks down in a negotiation or relationship, perhaps perception (yours) is the culprit . . . It may be time to eat some crow and consider your personal agenda.

Our perception often tricks us into thinking that we can create the script (agenda) for everything we encounter. The problem comes when other people don’t know their lines and/or have created agendas of their own.


Steven Covey was the first person I ever heard say: “Seek to UNDERSTAND!”

What is it that we are seeking to understand?


So . . . we honor each other by accepting other’s perceptions without judgment. We sometimes need to “agree to disagree”. We seek to understand each other rather than to hammer our ideas into others’ heads.

Keep all of this in proper perspective, and the right people tend to show up in our lives . . . the right things happen . . . and we enjoy less stress and anxiety.

As I wrap this post up, my daughter commented that she has had this conversation at school in the class-room . . . Hmmm . . . we just keep on needing to learn and relearn this stuff, eh? 

We adults probably should consider “refresher courses” on social effectiveness as we do our bidding.

I’m just sayin’



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