Essential Stretching – Monday Morning Coffee

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I failed to post “Monday Morning Coffee” for a few months.

Life came at me FAST, and I was the veritable Hamster on the wheel of raplexity.

Yep! It seemed the faster I went, the behinder I got . . .

I was “too busy” for too long, and I wondered how to get off that wheel, so I could make some PROGRESS.

What was I doing that kept me SO busy?

Well, the truth is that my 5 years of work on building Pareto Realty seemed to come to fruition very SUDDENLY.

I wasn’t ready for the volume of sales activity that hit when the Spring market sprung (We nearly doubled the projected sales for the 1st 2 quarters)

I did what I knew to do . . . I ceased non-essential day-to-day activities so I could focus on the NOW business of tending to Transactions and trouble shooting the transactional snafus my agents were encountering.

I was working 100% IN my business as “Real Estate Broker and Sales Person” and virtually 0% ON my business of developing the Model and Systems for Pareto Realty for the leverage necessary to handle growth of sales and agents.

axeI know better!

Seems I just needed to learn this AGAIN!

Some good has come from this because I now have an even more deep appreciation for “Stretching”

I remember the importance of sharpening the axe FIRST and then periodically as needed.

This sharpening creates leverage to get more done with less effort.

This sharpening also has the byproduct of stimulating the creative juices to strive for higher and higher levels of FLOW.

Summarily, this is a Stretching exercise of epic proportions, but the real lesson I keep forgetting is the importance of looking beyond the “I can do this all by myself” pitfall.

We all need new wisdom from people who have gone before us on our respective personal and professional paths. These come in the form of Mentors or Coaches.

We need new information and perspective to build our knowledge and abilities. This comes from continuing education.

We need traveling companions who are on similar journeys of their own to support each other through the thick and thin. These are our peers and colleagues.

Synchronicity took the wheel and put the EOCatalyst course in front of me just at the perfect time. I applied to the program and have been accepted – YAY!

So . . . Wherever you are in your life, don’t forget to sharpen . . . and STRETCH!

Time is short . . . We’ve got a LOT left to accomplish before we leave this world . . . So

What will you do now shift more focus ON your business, so you can enjoy more efficient and productive (and profitable) time IN your business?

Happy Monday!

PS – The Nashville Real Estate Market is THRIVING. Connect with me if you are contemplating a move, and let’s start strategizing  🙂

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