Effective Communication

How we communicate often differentiates the smooth deals from the nightmares.

In this world of high technology, it’s not uncommon to complete an entire real estate transaction without ever getting face-to-face with the other agent.

I like it better when I have more familiarity than their picture on my smart phone, don’t you?

What are our communication options?

I thought it would fun to do a “YAY!” and “BOO!” rundown of our various choices.

Showing Center

  • YAY! Open 24/7 with on-line – Automates Feedback loop – Tracks showings
  • BOO! Impersonal – breaks agent-to-agent interaction – Often botch Showing Instructions


  • YAY! LEVERAGE – Handles calls and light admin – Lets us focus more on business
  • BOO! Clients may feel “Distanced” from their REALTOR – First Impressions are CRITICAL, and one misstep by this person can cost $$$$ THOUSANDS

Cell Phone

  • YAY! It’s SMART! LEVERAGE! Multi-tasking tool – ALWAYS reachable
  • BOO! It’s smarter than I – Complexity distracts – Feeds ADHD tendencies – ALWAYS reachable . . . Constant interruption makes focus (single-tasking) difficult


  • YAY! Easy scanning device – Time and date stamps document
  • BOO! Old School technology – Requires landline – Clunky


  • YAY! Awesome for quick messages – FAST communication – can “sneak” it during meetings
  • BOO! Distracting – BAD tool for serious conversations (negotiations) – DANGEROUS while driving – No chain of communication easily captured


  • YAY! Provides a great “Chain of communication” record – Searchable – Synchs Contact Manager – Easy mass communication
  • BOO! Easily ignored – important messages can fall into Spam folders – Many people not using it


  • YAY! Lets you communicate what you’re thinking to your “Peeps” – Great for establishing a brand/Platform
  • BOO! Lets you communicate what you’re thinking to your “Peeps” – Can sabotage your marketing efforts/platform if the message is dissonant

Face to face

  • YAY! Creates REAL interpersonal interaction – Builds trust faster
  • BOO! Takes more time – Other person can see who you REALLY are (may be a different look than the 10 year old profile picture)


  • YAY! Cool technology and as close to interpersonal as you can get online
  • BOO! Can be clunky – Both people have to have the software and hardware and know how to use it


  • YAY! It’s FUN – SO many “Friends” (even people you don’t know are your friends) – Great tool for building a brand/platform
  • BOO! Can be a time waster – BAD place to air your dirty laundry (potential for damaging reputation) – Invasion of privacy


  • YAY! It’s FUN – Mentally fun for people to learn how to say a lot in only 140 characters. Can be a great tool for build Brand/platform
  • BOO! Distraction – unfocused tweeting and random followers leads to cacophony
  • YAY! It’s FUN – Good visibility tool – brand/platform builder – Community builder – Great way to create impromptu gatherings
  • BOO! A little creepy letting everyone know where you are ALL the time – could be safety/security concern – HUGE distraction!
You may (or may not) subscribe to the above opinions about these communication tools . . .
My point is that odds are good you currently use (or are thinking about using) any (or most) of these tools . . . I’m inviting you to do your own “YAY! – BOO!” analysis of each one you use and be more INTENTIONAL about WHY you are using each one – HOW you use them – and what you can change that will make the use of these tools help your productivity and efficiency.
My favorite form of communication is face-to-face . . . That’s REAL interaction.
If it’s an important conversation – Always Telephone
If I need chronological documentation of the communication – Email
If the answer to my question is “Yes” or “No” – Text
Tasteful joke or interesting community happening? Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter
These are some to the things we thing about as we explore “Life Rhythm” and seek a High Performance life.
It’s about being INTENTIONAL with everything you do – Keep it all in perspective – and protect your integrity and reputation by using these social media tools responsibly.
Just sayin’ 🙂
PS – I’m accepting a small number of Coaching clients for the “Life Rhythm Way” coaching program. This program encompasses finding a high performance rhythm for LIVE – WORK – PLAY – Contact me if you’d like to learn more.

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