Double-Booked AGAIN?

If you’re double-booking yourself frequently, you’re potentially killing your business.

THIS can be fixed (if you’re willing)!

Of course as with all bad habits, you must first acknowledge that you have a problem.

Let’s think this through!

Here’s what happens when you double-book yourself:

You place unnecessary stress on YOU because you probably won’t realize you’re double-booked until you’re on the way to one appointment and notice in your calendar the other appointment . . . YIKES! Do this frequently, and your stress will always be at “Cardiac Event” levels.

Worse yet . . . as you arrive at the first appointment, the second appointment calls to confirm the time and location. Oh NO! Now you have a dilemma and can only pick one thereby disappointing the other . . . and so you are forced to prioritize the appointments and choose one to relegate to “lesser important” which you communicate to that person by calling to cancel and reschedule.

Perhaps in the heat of the moment, you might even decide to tell a little white lie rather than the truth in a feeble attempt to save face . . . Oh! something about a “Family Emergency” or a sick pet . . . or “The dog ate that page of my electronic calendar.”

Guess what?

You’re not fooling anyone . . . They KNOW!

They’re going to be disappointed in you and think twice before agreeing to set another appointment.

I find it to be true that there are 3 sure-fire ways to anger another person:

  • Don’t mess with their MONEY!
  • Don’t mess with their TIME!
  • Don’t mess with your MOMMA (or family)!

Now for the twist . . . Just as all of the above is about double-booking your time, apply the same principle to MONEY!

If this is you, I think you need some help to change these bad habits.

Interestingly, my observation is that those who have trouble budgeting their time have many of the same issues with money.

So . . . Are you interested in reducing this Time/Money stress?

Let’s learn how to allocate your daily ENERGY appropriately.

I’m offering what am going to coin: “A good Start” to fixing your organizational issues in the form of a Mastermind Session on Wednesday March 16 from 10-12:30

YOU are invited!

All you’ve gotta do is follow this link and register . . . and then SHOW UP!

(Be sure not to double-book yourself 3/16/2016 from 10-12:30)

Published by Barry Owen

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