Dotting “I”s & Crossing “T”s might be the secret.

Not all of us are wired to be attentive to the details.

Most folks are too busy to actually dot the “I”s and Cross the “T”s because they are more worried about getting more done than getting less done RIGHT.

I wonder . . . If we all did LESS with more attention to the details, how would that affect our yield?

What’s the difference between the work of an 80%er (one of the trivial many) and 20%er (One of The Vital Few)?

It’s subtle . . . because I suspect that many of the 80%ers put just as much effort and hours (if not MORE) into their work than the 20%ers . . . yet the 20%ers tend to get a LOT more return for their effort . . . more money and life enjoyment with less time & energy invested.


I think attention to detail is a big differentiating factor.

I am NOT saying that all high achievers have a high attention to detail because most of them DON’T . . . What they DO have is a high STANDARD of detail orientation that they REFUSE to compromise . . . and they require commitment to this standard of everyone with whom they choose to do business.

The high performers do business with people who dot “I”s and cross”T”s and will not allow loyalties to convince them to compromise these standards.

High performers LEVERAGE themselves well by creating these personal and professional standards and demanding that in order to be part of their “Inner Circle”, folks MUST consistently adhere to these standards.

Consistency is a key component because it defines your reliability.

The Loan originator who is knowledgeable and affable and FUN to work with and ON THE BALL at the beginning of the process loses HUGE credibility if 4 weeks into the deal, there are unnecessary surprises . . . details that could have been addressed early showing up on the week of closing.

Or the “professional” who is known for her expertise but fails to return phone calls for days and days.

Or “Last minute Freddie” who lets the file sit on his desk til the last minute EVERY time and then proclaims himself a hero when he pulls off the Sprint to the finish . . . and if he misses the deadline?

It’s someone else’s fault.

My personal tolerance of lack of attention to detail is VERY low. When I (or one of my clients) receives service that is not to my standard, I feel that is a direct reflection on ME . . . My CHOICE to use that particular vendor created the issue . . . My client can/will say: “so-and-so dropped the ball but I don’t blame YOU!” . . . yet I know in my heart that in the back of their head, my credibility – validity has fallen a notch or two.

So . . . I choose not to do business with people who lack the capacity (either personal or leveraged) to deliver as promised WHEN promised.

Is this unreasonable?

Not to folks who are COMMITTED to high performance in life.

I’m just sayin’



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