Don’t ask for feedback if you’re going to discount the response

I’m often curious how many people/organizations really want feedback?

Do they ask for it because it’s a cool thing to do? . . . or because they really want to improve and value their customer’s input?

It’s easy to “discount” the feedback you get.

This is a “Justification mentality” that could kill your reputation.

“OH! SHE said that about US! She’s ALWAYS complaining anyway!”

“Yeah! Service was bad that time, but it was just because we were short-staffed.”

“We didn’t promise THAT! He’s just being unreasonable.”

“Doesn’t she realize she got a discount? What’s she expect?

I believe that in the world of feedback, the only people who care enough to take the time to offer feedback are either VERY unhappy . . . or tickled pink with the service they received.

10% are really pissed

10% are raving fans

There’s not much feedback from the middle 80% of the customer base.

the reality is that it’s the 20% who can decide if your business will succeed, because they are broadcasting their feedback loudly and clearly to the 80% . . . and the 80% will move with the herd (led by the few).

so . . . What The people who are ticked off have to say is just as important (if not more so) as the ones who are raving.

It’d behoove you to LISTEN and respond through appropriate action if you want your business to stay alive.

there ya have it . . .

When’s the last time YOU took the time to “offer” feedback?


What was the result?


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