Doing the House Sell-Buy TANGO!

FEAR Paralyzes!

It’s a “Catch 22” writ large.

The real estate market supply is depleted to near zero at a time when MANY people are in the mood to BUY a house.

A fair number of these prospective Home Buyers own a house they’ll need to sell in order to be able to qualify financially to buy their next house.

The FEAR is one of relative “Homelessness!”

What happens if these Home Owners list their house for sale, and the market gobbles it up yielding them more money than ever imagined . . . but they haven’t yet found the right house to BUY?

The good news is that this ain’t most REALTORs’ first rodeo.

We used to call this scenario a “Sell-Buy Dance” . . . In today’s market conditions, it’s more of a TANGO – More spicy and DARING.

Calling all intrepid explorers – Home Owners who are willing to strike out into this wilderness and ACT on their desire to move!

We REALTORS have been busy strategizing ways of doing this TANGO without leaving our clients “Homeless,” and we’re poised and ready to guide you through the process.

On the other side as you sit on the deck of your new house enjoying a celebratory beverage, you’ll relish in memories of your BOLD and DARING decision to be one the LEADERS who started the breaking up of the “Great Log-jam Real Estate Market of 2015.” This’ll be a story you’ll be able to tell for years to come (with proper embellishment, of course).

This is the BEST of tales as YOU the HERO faced a seemingly impenetrable Gauntlet of obstacles and PREVAILED at a time when most other home owners cowed at the intimidating market conditions and waited to sell their uncomfortable homes . . . Until “The Herd” moved as a whole . . .

That herd? They’re keeping themselves in “Safety in numbers” mode and attempting to “Time the market”

Guess what?

Market conditions WILL shift (They’re ALWAYS shifting), and those who wait with trepidation to move within the safety of the herd have a great chance of “Missing the boat.”

Both Mortgage Interest rates AND House Values are creeping UP . . . These increases result in a compounding DECREASE in the power of Home Buyers’ money resulting in them ultimately paying more money for less house for every day they wait.

FEAR is not a bad thing when it stimulates appropriate action.

Connect with us at Pareto Realty NOW to embark on this life-changing trek.

You’re hereby invited to a conversation about this on Tuesday 3/24 – Details at THIS LINK

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