Do political yard signs hinder a Home Sale?

If you’re selling your house and your yard looks like this:

You might be affecting your ability to actually sell your house.

Especially in this tumultuous presidential contention, it seems folks are more and “partisan” in their thinking and may practice some sort of filtering (conscious or not) to judge your house based on the political affiliation of your yard.

but that’s not my first concern . . . During this time when political yard signs are “in season,” it’s often difficult to distinguish which signs are “for Sale” and which sign are “Vote For ___” . . . and here in Nashville due to the rash of violent storms in the past months, we are even more confused by a healthy crop of “Roofer Signs.”

So . . . What if you are rabid about YOUR candidate being noticed and elected, and your yard looks something like this:

Well . . . Without question, everyone who drives by KNOWS who YOU are rooting for . . . Not everyone agrees with you . . . and some folks may “boycott” considering buying your house . . . an unspoken embargo of sorts.

I think these thoughts as I drive around town and show properties and notice.

You might put this display in your front yard if you want ONLY Republicans to consider buying your house.

A trickier question is to the REALTOR who is listing your house for sale. Would political affiliation be an acceptable question in the initial interview? Is that a “protected Class?”

I don’t talk politics with my clients because of this possibility of alienating them . . . nor do I advocate PDPO (Public Displays of Political Affiliation) in the yard of a house that’s currently on the market.

I DO believe in PDPOs on other houses . . . I LOVE the competitive Spirit of this year’s election . . . Not sure I’ve seen so many people ENGAGED in this political process ever in my life.

So if your house is on the market for the next couple of weeks and your yard looks like one of the above photos, are you having any showings?

If you’ve gotta have those signs out there, take your house off the market til Nov 6 . . . I bet your showing traffic will increase.



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