Divine Intervention?

My daughter had forgotten to print her final draft of her essay before we left for school this morning, so I turned the car around and embarked on the race to get home and than back to her school before the bell.

I would need everything to align . . . Traffic lights all GREEN . . . no road blockages . . . no police speed traps . . . and a smidgen of Divine Intervention.

The Divine Intervention showed up before the rest but not in the same way I expected (Does it EVER?)

Just as I was driving over a hill @ 40 MPH in HEAVY traffic (2 lane road), a deer darted in front of the car 3 cars ahead of me – across the road – and dove into the bushes on the other side . . .

Best I can tell, NO driver even had time to touch the brakes . . .

THIS was divine intervention for everyone (the Deer and all of the cars on that exact section of road at that precise time), but the story gets better.

That deer had a friend . . . and the friend was only a few yards behind her (They were probably playing tag) . . . so the deerfriend darted in front of MY car – across the road – and dove into the bushes on the other side . . . untouched.

All of us continued along our respective journeys.

What are the odds?

A fraction of a second stood between what happened and what could have happened. If either of these deer had been struck by a car, there would likely have been a multi-car accident with the potential to injure several people (and a deer or 2).

Life’s like that!

It comes at you fast . . . 

While I was in the Army learning the fine art of digging a foxhole, a sergeant informed us that “There’s no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole!

Divine Intervention happens all around us. Unexplained “miracles” show up when we least expect them, and we couldn’t possibly imagine (make up) those stories.

This is not intended to be a religious lesson any more than it is an appeal to folks to be aware and alert and INTENTIONAL as they (you) practice their art (work) and live their daily lives.

Live life to the fullest – SHOW UP – and be present (in the NOW), knowing that we cannot invoke divine intervention . . . It just shows up . . . all WE can do follow our PASSION and take responsibility for that passion by INVITING and ENGAGING co-conspirators/participants in life.

So often in this business of working with Home Buyers and Sellers, we see signs of “divine Intervention.”

Offers sometimes show up when they are most critical (the day before foreclosure)

The PERFECT house comes on the market just as the Buyer is ready to give up on the hunt.

It’s rainy on the day of the inspection so the Buyer discovers the leak in the roof.

I had a Buyer agree to the seller leaving all of the “junk” in the crawl space . . . the garage sale netted over $6,000.

We cannot explain these things, but we ALL know that they happened for a reason 🙂

There’s this mystical nuance of being a real estate professional that’s not something we can harness . . . It’s just there . . . a sixth sense of intuition . . . as we “manage” the myriad components of a real estate transaction, and I am CERTAIN that for EVERY transaction that gets to the closing table, there’s something unexplainable that happens.

Here at Pareto Realty, we believe (an invite) any and all divine intervention that comes the way of our clients 🙂

BTW . . . We arrived at Jessica’ school 3 minutes late and encountered another slice of divine Intervention . . . the administrator waved her on to class without marking her “Tardy”

What stories do you have in your life and work that point to divine intervention?


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