Delivering As Promised is a double-edged sword

I believe that most people makes promises they intend to deliver.

I also know that the 80/20 Principle always applies and a significant percentage of all promises fail to be delivered . . . or are delivered in a less-than-timely fashion.

Over time, “Promisees” (People who were promised something by the “Promisors”) have become desensitized as to their expectations that the promises will actually be delivered and are often VERY pleasantly surprised when the delivery is COMPLETE and ON TIME.

So – That’s the pleasant edge of the sword – The exhilarating thrill being on the receiving end of a well delivered promise.

How could there possibly be another side of this sword?

What could be a down side of delivering promises?

This boils down to those desensitized expectations. Many folks don’t expect the promises to delivered and/or delivered on time and so they insulate themselves by planning for worst case with “Plan B” and “Plan C”

They make Plan A and then set up all kinds of contingency scenarios “Just in Case” . . . They “pad” themselves by building in extra time, money, resources . . . and of course, this adds expense, energy, and time to the project.

NO-ONE likes unanticipated SURPRISES.

Here’s the rub: What if the promisor actually DELIVERS as promised?

Suddenly the project is ACCELERATED and things are moving at Plan A pace . . .  yet all of the players had assumed the likelihood that it would be a “plan B (or C) pace” and had gone ahead and filled their near-term schedule with smaller projects “Just in case” . . . so when the call comes . . . They can’t deliver as promised.

This can be agonizing and results in what called in the Army “Hurry up and WAIT!”

The other part of this side of the sword has to do with believing what you’re promised before signing up. A few weeks ago, I began “Suscriber Delivery” of my blog using, and I promised to deliver a new blog post “Daily.”

30 (or so) folks subscribed immediately, and I have been delivering as promised every day. Each morning, all subscribers receive a brand spankin new post.

This week, I have had a trickle of “unsubscribes” with “Too many up-dates” as the reason.

I promised 7 deliveries every week – What did these readers expect?

Of course, they may actually just be too polite to say that they don’t like my writing, but my ego won’t let me me believe that. 🙂

Either way, I’m working on a way for subscribers to receive either a single email each week with links to ALL 7 posts for the week or a daily feed.

Having said all of the above . . .

Delivering as promised is best.

Do this consistently and negate the need for your promisees to build contingency plans . . .

and your VALUE goes UP!

PS – THIS is where MY focus is EVERY day – Consistently delivering as promised. Call me for any real estate needs and rest assured I won’t overpromise and underdeliver


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