Cut to the Chase

“Cut to the chase” is a phrase that most of us know . . . and appreciate.

When used, it tends to save us a lot of unnecessarily expended time, energy, and money.

It was coined by early film makers who knew that the most thrilling part of the film was indubitably the CHASE . . . and so films got shorter and shorter as the editors “Cut to the Chase.”

Get right to the nitty gritty.

No more foolin’ around, Let’s get to the point.

Often, I find this to be a very effective strategy in a real estate negotiation (or any negotiation) because it tends to redirect whatever emotional energy is interfering with the parties reaching agreement.

Cutting to the chase brings it REAL . . . FASTER!

Let’s get down to what’s really important rather than slicing and dicing and splitting hairs over chattel that’s not important to anyone.

A deal can appear to be doomed as both parties see this laundry list of issues looming on this collage of counter offers . . . and then someone has this fantastic “AHA” and realizes that most of the points of contention amount to  banal and insignificant bits and pieces . . .

So . . . Let’s quit bickering and pledge to shift our conversation from the trivial many to the vital few.

Mr. Buyer! What REALLY MATTERS to you?

MS. Seller! What REALLY MATTERS to you?

Their answers are the chase . . .

All the rest is gravy.

Bark less and wag more!


Pareto Realty is all about differentiating the VITAL FEW from the Trivial Many in all aspects of our lives and professions . . . When you’re ready to cut to the chase with your house purchase or sale, give us a call.

Published by Barry Owen

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