Customer Support

McDonalds first became famous for FREE and CLEAN rest rooms.

Well . . . and their new-fangled French Fry Process.

A large percentage of the income for large Auto dealerships isn’t from car sales . . . It’s from the Service department.

The most successful REALTOR is the one who has a solution for virtually any need her client has relating to owning a house.

Computer Programs/Platforms that offer low cost (or free) real-time support 24/7 for their customers win more business.

The Real Estate Broker who’s accessible to work through associates’ issues attracts more (and better quality) agents.

The challenge is that ALL businesses know this, and even those who are lacking in the customer support department, claim to be “The BEST”

consider Comcast . . . or Verizon . . .

How do you know?

Who do you believe?

Are your Customer Support skills FAMOUS in your market?

If they are, odds are good your marketing budget is astonishingly LOW.

If they’re not?

Your “Lead generation” skills better be fabulous and your marketing budget HUGE so as to continue to feed your business with “new fodder” aplenty to fuel your marketing machine with new leads.

Or . . . You could simply do the simple work of becoming famous for caring more than your competition.

that might just be enough to grow a business “organically” without all of that marketing hype

Ninja style

I look forward to seeing you hit your goals year after year.

Psssst . . . We’re all about this at Pareto Realty – Home Buyers and Sellers . . . or agents in Middle TN . . . We’re DRIVEN to serve.



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