Creating the perfect year (An invitation)

Think back . . .

If you were to pick a favorite year in your life, which one would it be?

Why was it so special?

What did you do THAT year that you haven’t accomplished any other year?

What would it take to create your 2013 year to be better than THAT year?

Is it possible?

I’m pretty sure that EVERY year can be better than the one (all of the ones) before . . . but not without some work.

the next tough question is:

What’s “Better”?

What does THAT look like, and how can we do it?

You probably have heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results.


It may be time to do something (or lots of things) differently, so the 2013 you create is nothing short of MAGNIFICENT.

I’m inviting you to LRW2,  a workshop that’s designed to put you on a path to your BEST YEAR EVER.

Only with your FULL PARTICIPATION will you reap the full benefit of this program . . . and that will require you to show up for 6 sessions – All from 10-noon on Thursdays. The cost is $50 (Will be $75 for LRW3)

LRW” is an acronym for “Life Rhythm Way” . . . A version of “Life Balance” that honors WHO YOU ARE . . . and WHY YOU ARE HERE . . . and provides you some tools and resources to become more intentional (on purpose) about achieving your goals and living a high performance life.

What’s going to happen?

1/10   What is Life Rhythm? Roles and Goals – Who are you and What do you want? Where are you going?

1/24     Budgeting – How will you use your resources? (Time, Energy, Money)

2/7   In Biz – How will you generate the income to fund all of the above?

2/21   On Biz – How will you leverage your resources for optimal performance?

3/7     Self – Tending to Self-organization and preservation

3/21   Accountability – Achieving Consistent Persistence

I believe that YOU are the “conductor” of your own orchestra (your life) . . . and have designed this program to help you develop habits that will lead to a rhythm – YOUR rhythm – to make your best music (do your best work).

We have limited seating (15), and registration is easy.

Simply email your intent to show up, and I’ll save your seat. At the end of that session, you can decide to pay the $50 fee and continue with the program (or not).

Are you IN?

PS – This program is not “industry specific” . . . Whatever your profession, you are welcome – It’s about “Life Rhythm”

contact me with any questions.



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