Creating Leads out of thin air

“Lead Generation” is what brings a flow of business ┬áinto every business.

All business owners MUST do this . . . or the business dies.

Market dynamics preclude the long-term effectiveness of relying on any single source of new leads . . . Just about the time we find a steady flow, the winds shift, and we have to adjust.

We must build a multi-faceted strategy that’ll CREATE leads for our business even when by all appearances there are none to be had.

Some folks rely on other people for their leads . . . Real Estate Teams typically have a Lead “Rain-Maker” who’s function is to drive this Lead Generation strategy (engine) such that it provides ample leads to feed the entire team. “Buyer Specialists” and “Listing Specialists” simply convert the leads and serve them . . .

What happens if the atmosphere shifts, and the rain STOPS?

Of course, all fingers will point at the Rain-Maker . . . Things will get ugly . . . and the whole thing will shed light on the fundamental truth that:

  • EVERYONE is in business and for the sake of self-preservation, should have a perpetual Lead Creation Machine chugging along in the background at all times.

What I’m saying is that anyone in any business without a Lead Creation Strategy isn’t in business . . . They’re in Hobby.

This Lead Generation thing seems to be THE enigma for many agents. Driving the process of a transaction requires skill and finesse and expertise and knowledge, but you don’t get to do all of that unless there’s a client.

Creating Leads out of thin air is easier than you might think.

It doesn’t require technology (although use of technology will help “spool things up).”

What it DOES require is a resolute commitment to doing SOMETHING in the way of Lead Generation EVERY day . . . and some element of tracking to help with follow-up and delivering promises.

The best Lead Creators out there are mystical creatures for the folks who don’t “get” the fact that this part of your business should NOT feel, look, or smell like WORK. These folks just seem to flit around and talk to people, and the leads just fall out of the ether.


It’s not that these Master Lead Generators are “Natural Born LG Phenoms” . . . It’s that these professionals feel most Natural (in their element) while Lead Generating.

How can YOU attain this level of Mastery?

You can make it “there” the same way THEY made it there . . . with consistent and persistent:

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Discipline to a DAILY habit/routine
  • Commitment to Intentional INDEPENDENCE
  • Not thinking of this component of your business as “WORK”
  • Simply being yourself amongst your peeps
  • Create and manage some semblance of a database
  • Coming from contribution . . . ALWAYS
  • Being the fundamental “Connector” in your village

DON’T make this complex!

DON’T think of this a necessary evil!

Just be yourself and SHOW your passion for your work – ALWAYS!

Smile more!

Be Confident!

No Whining!

Do this right, and you’ll gain an independence and pride as you wake up one morning and realize that you’re creating leads out of thin air rather than relying on some other human to feed you.

I can’t WAIT to see your name in lights up there at the TOP in you market.

PS: Wednesday September 26 from 10-noon, I’ll be facilitating a Mastermind Session to “Unpack” some of the ideas above . . . for exchange of some “War Stories” and sharing of “Best Practices” . . . I’m pretty certain that every person who attends this session will emerge as a BETTER LEAD GENERATOR.

BONUS: The day After this Mastermind Session in the GNAR Convention and Trade Show . . . I’ll be doing a 20-30 minute talk about how to get the MOST out of a convention.

Let me know if you intend to show up.

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