Crank up the Volume – I can’t hear you!

Appropriate Volume is Important for Optimal Connectivity!

Can you Hear now?
Can you hear me NOW?

* Can you hear me NOW? (My usual Font)

Can you hear me NOW?

Can you hear me NOW?

Can you Hear me NOW?

Can you Hear me NOW?

This is reminiscent of what I consider to be BRILLIANT (albeit somewhat irritating) Verizon Ads that played again and again and again.

Verizon built their business on their understanding of this principle. More people would choose Verizon if they could be assured that they wouldn’t lose their signal in the midst of a cell phone conversation.

I see now that Verizon has a fresh, new ad campaign that is pure emphasis on this exact nuance.

There are a LOT of things verizon doesn’t do right. I switched to Verizon a few months ago and have consistently been underwhelmed by their service, pricing (EXPENSIVE relative to many others), and some products (Their GeoTracking product has abysmal reviews) . . . yet they’re doing just fine because they’ve held focus on the ONE thing they know matters most to the Cell Phone user . . . Reliable connectivity.

Appropriate Volume improves Connectivity.

Yesterday, I received this message from my blogger world friend Kathy Strieb Home Stager Extraordinaire – Palm Beach County,FL:

Barry, It’s Kathy. I love your posts because they are so informative. But, I was wondering if you’d thought of making the font a little larger to make the post easier to read? I say this not to criticize, but someone did me the same favor when I started blogging. Please take no offense! Kathy

First, I would NEVER take offense at well-intentioned constructive critique – Feedback is the breakfast of champions, so I was sure to THANK Kathy for her candid comment and suggestion.

And I’m taking ACTION 🙂

Kathy’s point is right on target . . . Content is good but Volume is too low.

Kinda like trying to watch a good movie with the volume too low. If the “Listener” has to work too hard at “hearing” the message, that listener will move on.

There are no amount of perks, gadgets, widgets, and add-ons that will overcome inappropriately projected volume.



All this to say . . . Beginning today, I now choose to write with THIS font

Instead of this one (Which I have used for several years).

Do you like it?

How intentional are YOU in your life and business WRT to your volume?

When are you not loud enough . . . and when are you TOO loud?

Speak up!



Communicate appropriately and effectively.

and Thrive!

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