Cramming for the test . . .

Cramming doesn’t work! We’ve all tried in most every aspect of our lives. Like:

  • Starvation diet to lose that extra 10 pounds of Winter weight
  • Pulling an “All-Nighter” for the College exam – trying to “learn” a semester’s worth of notes in 6 hours of coffee slamming panic
  • Shutting down “Normal Operations” to prepare for the “Inspection”
  • Brushing your teeth 5 times per day on the week of your dentist appointment.
  • Doing ALL of your Christmas shopping on Christmas eve
It’s not fun, is it?
Cramming seldom results any significant long lasting positive results and usually puts EVERYONE in a bad mood.
Whenever we realize we are backed into a corner, and the only way out is to CRAM . . . Blood pressure rises – adrenaline pumps . . . and when it’s over, we rejoice having lived through it.
Sometimes, we even get more religious than usual and Thank God for the MIRACULOUS lunging effort.
Why do we DO this?
Beats me . . .
It’s WAY easier to do as the BoyScouts do:
“Be Prepared”

Published by Barry Owen

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