Cicada Marketing Wisdom

We’re in the midst of the cicada season here in Nashville, and I cannot help but think about cicadas (because they are EVERYWHERE and I think too much).

Literally, EVERYWHERE you can imagine . . . there they are . . . in the nooks and crannies, breezeways, cars . . . I’m thinking that there are probably a few hermetically sealed containers with impermeable walls that cicadas have found their way inside.

As obnoxious as they are, I think there are some things we can learn from them.

Why not learn from them?

After all, these little guys may appear to be “stupid” as they fly into walls and windshields and roost on roads and sidewalks where they get flattened . . . but they are PreHistoric animals that will likely be around a LONG time after most other living species . . . every 13 years like clockwork . . . coming out from under to pester and mate for a couple of months.

So . . .  

Cicadas understand:

  • Strength in numbers – When the volume is in the millions, a little “shrinkage” isn’t such a big deal. The carcasses will ultimately compost into something good.
  • Volume (Sound) – They are LOUD! there is NO WAY anyone can say they haven’t noticed the cicadas
  • Bravado – These little soldiers have NO FEAR Whatsoever! They simply DO!
  • Scarcity (White-eye and Blue-eye) – the red-eye Cicadas are plentiful . . . But they have thrown in this intriguing twist . . . There are also White-Eye and Blue-eye cicadas which actually are rare enough that some folks are willing to PAY for them.
  • Abundance -these are very giving creatures because they are (apparently) tasty. Our daughter used them for fishing bait and caught a fish. Dogs eat them like we eat potato chips. Some humans fry them up with a little seasoning.
  • Self-preservation – They hatch and surface by night and work by day going about the task of being plentiful and diligently preparing the earth for their next emergence in 13 years . . . they understand their mission.
  • Life cycle – With just a 5-6 week swarm, these little guys know that time is of the essence. there’s very little “Dilly-Dally” . . . then 13 years to regroup.

Here’s my question:

What can we all learn from the cicadas relating to our business and marketing practices?

At a minimum, I see a great correlation to “RHYTHM” . . . a cyclic flow . . .

Just sayin’



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