Christmas Eve Eve – Preparing for Silent Enjoyment

Tis the day before the day before Christmas!

What’s on your agenda?

It also happens to be a Sunday, so maybe Church?

Last minute shopping?

Party Preparations?

Present Wrapping?

What’s on your mind?

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have a couple of days during which you can have silent enjoyment with friends and family without all of the hustle and bustle?

To have silent enjoyment, we must first “clear our minds” of whatever the things are we have in our everyday lives which create stress and distraction from the reason for the season.

So – I have an invitation for you . . . on this day before the day before Christmas.

Use this day as a “Clearing House” for any and all distractions. Get ALL of that garbage OUT so you can create a couple of days of respite.

This must begin with BREATHING!

Stop physical motion and SIT . . . and reflect inwardly.

What are the IMPORTANT issues looming over your psyche creating a shadow over you?

Pledge to yourself to do whatever it takes TODAY to clear the way for 2 days of Silent Enjoyment.

Make an agreement with yourself that you’ll “park the other stuff” til after Christmas.

and . . . “spend” your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrating with your family and friends.

May your Christmas 2012 be one of Silent Enjoyment . . .

You Deserve it!



Published by Barry Owen

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