Choosing Chaos?

Is it the adrenaline RUSH?

Do you get a pathological cheap thrill from reeling out of control?

Speed and Busyness often create a mess and seldom yield reliable goal achievement.

Are you PROUD of your lack of discipline?

Why label yourself as one of those people who CAN’T . . . ?

So often, I encounter people who have that: “There’s SO much to do, I’ll NEVER get around to doing it ALL!” mantra programmed into their very being . . . and they scurry through life making great time without really getting anywhere useful.

In a business building session this morning with a room full of successful business owners, we were all trying to get our arms the notion of keeping our businesses running smoothly with very dialed in Hard and soft systems and tracking all the important activities and results with solid Information Systems.

It was clear to me that everyone in the room could clearly SEE the vision of their business effortlessly running as a well-oiled machine . . . yet were very frustrated with the reality that they were having a HUGE challenge carving out the time they needed to DEVELOP those systems (Working ON their business) because they were SO busy working IN their business.

Upon hearing the suggestion that we all refocus on our CORE PURPOSE . . . The fundamental reason we decided to launch our businesses in the beginning . . . I heard a resounding frustration that it was “Pie in the sky thinking” that focusing on such ethereal things would change things . . . There’s not enough TIME and SO much to DO.

I suggested that we each could reserve a few hours each week expressly designated as “Working ON the Biz Time” . . . Treat it as an appointment and tackle one component/system at a time over time . . . gradually, the systems would develop . . . productivity might just build momentum until BAM – Exponential, Overnight, SUCCESS.

The first comment I heard was: “OH! THAT would NEVER work for me because I’m not disciplined enough.

So . . . YOU choose CHAOS?

The first step in this business building exercise is acknowledgement that we ALL have something to learn . . . and that what we are currently doing is NOT delivering the results we want . . . SO we MUST CHOOSE to do something DIFFERENTLY.

Choose “appropriate structure” for our time, energy, and money . . . and budget each commensurate with their VALUE in our lives.

There’s a place for everything, and everything has its place.

There’s a time for everything, and everything has it’s time.

We create a FLOW and RHYTHM that keeps us moving FORWARD with our business development without being a distraction to serving our clients.

In my world, I accomplish this with the use of a simple “time blocking” exercise at the beginning of every week. I reserve a day and time for everything I deem to be IMPORTANT.

This is not as easy as simply filling the calendar . . . It also requires enough structure to establish RHYTHM . . .

Each day begins with “self time” for meditation, Prayer, Reading . . .

Then exercise – 30 minutes walking the dogs

Then Love, Laugh, Hug, PLAY, and eat with my family – carpool to school

The biz day begins @ 8 Am with “Planning and Calendaring” – Considering what needs to be accomplished this day, this week, this month . . . to contribute towards annual goal accomplishment . . .

Then . . . connect with the 10 people who MATTER MOST TODAY. This part could take 2 hours (more or less), and serves as the MOST effective “Lead generation tool” in my bag of tricks. I seldom have ANY kind of meetings in the mornings . . . I calendar time for meetings later (11:00 – 1:00 – and 3:00) and I REQUIRE myself to meet with a MINIMUM of 2 people EVERY day.

Each week, I reserve one afternoon (3 hours) for the sole purpose of Building Systems (Working ON the business). This is an APPOINTMENT that is as important as any Million dollar client.

My average working day ends between 3 & 4 in the afternoon . . . I sometimes work with clients later if necessary . . . My late afternoons are mostly absorbed with “Hanging with the fam”

When I’m in my rhythm and flow, my productivity is through the roof.

When I choose chaos, everyone loses.

I’ve created a workshop designed to help just about anyone in ANY business find personal and professional FLOW and RHYTHM, and I offer it a few times each year.

This workshop has 6 weekly sessions beginning with “Why are YOU Here?” Roles, goals, and vision . . . Then Budgeting of Time, energy, & Money . . . Working IN your Business . . . Working ON your business . . . Working on yourSELF . . . and wrapping it all up.

At the end, the participants will have a complete set of tried and true (SIMPLE) tools to develop their own unique rhythm and flow.

Most “graduates” of this workshop report “Life changing” results.

The next workshop begins March 5, 2014 and YOU are invited.

Cost $100 for all 6 sessions . . . Details at this link

Life Rhythm Workshop

Simple Personal and Professional Fulfillment

If you would like to attend, connect with me and I’ll save you a seat (There are only 15 in the room)

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