This morning, I announced (on Facebook) my candidacy for President of the USA.
“So . . . I was thinking about running for President this year – Is it too late to enter the race? My qualifications? hmmm – I’m not a Millionaire – Born in the USA – Served 12 years in the Military – Small Business owner – Know a few things about Building Community and helping people self-organize around resolving conflicting issues . . . Have NEVER held a political position of any kind (not part of the “Establishment in DC”). I haven’t formed a campaign committee or done any fund raising whatsoever . . . Don’t have a passel of friends who want to form a super-pac – I have plenty of opinions and understand the value of consistent persistence and listening to other folk’s opinions and ideas – and I care very much about the preservation of the United States of America and our Freedom and way of life. I understand “success through OTHERS” – Don’t think I’ll claim a party – That would require slogging through the remainder of the “Primaries” – YUCK! Let’s just do it this way – Just write me in on your ballot :-)”

We’re going to run this campaign virally . . . mainly because we’re not funded.

I’ll travel anywhere for “Town Hall Meetings” . . . but don’t expect a bus and an entourage . . . and I’ll need a place to stay and couple of meals . . . Perhaps some “running money” for fuel.

This’ll be an “Old School Campaign”

Of course – This is all tongue in cheek.

How could I POSSIBLY think that this PREPOSTEROUS initiative could grow legs and become reality?

There IS a point . . . At what point is an innovative idea and/or approach absurd?

Who is ANYONE to judge my (or anyone’s) goal and aspirations?

Anything IS possible . . .

and . . . You could decide to go “There” TOMORROW (Wherever your “There” is) . . . and as long as you BELIEVE that it’s possible . . . Your idea will move forward.

Succumb to doubt and ridicule by the masses, and the party’ll be over.

So . . . How ’bout it?

Will you write me in?


It all begins with a single choice . . . To believe enough in yourself to take action.

I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine 🙂

Just sayin’





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