“Can you Hear me NOW?”

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  • Effective Communication (a Mastermind Session)
  • Wednesday May 16 @ 10 AM
  • Pinnacle Bank Belle Meade – 4328 Harding Rd
  • Please RSVP by reply email

Verizon made a HUGE impression with this phrase:

Can You Hear Me NOW?

As their little nerd with a cell phone roamed the country pushing the limits with their cell phone coverage.

Verizon knows that their primary job is to provide a reliable communication platform . . . and they know voids in their coverage will cost them customers.

Establishing and maintaining effective communication avenues is ESSENTIAL in virtually EVERY business application.

With myriad communication tools (Cell Phone, Land Line, Email, Facebook, Direct Message, Skype, text, Direct mail, smoke signals . . . ) the first (and most important) link in any chain of communication is to determine the right “Tool” for the job . . . and it must be a tool that all “Parties to the communication” are comfortable using.

Anyone who’s attempted to build anything out of raw wood knows that having the right tools makes it infinitely easier to do it well. The Table Saw will defeat the Hand saw most every time in speed and precision . . . effectiveness.

Yet . . . There’s still that possibility of having a tool with TOO much power.

THINK about the Communication tools you are using:

  • What ARE the communication tools of today?
  • Which of these are most effective in a variety of situations?
  • Why does this matter?
  • How can adapt our ways to communicate more effectively
Bring you open mind . . . We’ll unpack all of this and learn some great ways to communicate more effectively with other people.
Attending this session has the potential (literally) to add YEARS to your life because it most certainly will decrease “Failure to communicate” moments in your life and work.
Just sayin’

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