Can I have YOUR number?

When the Goal is complex, the odds of mission accomplishment approach ZERO!

Yep! Most New Year Resolutions have already been abandoned (It’s now the 7th of January)


Because we tend to set goals we couldn’t possibly attain either because they’re to complex or because they’re unrealistic.

don’t make this so difficult . . .

Joe Calloway posted:

“Identify your most important number. What number that you can influence is most important to the business? @FastCompany”

This does NOT say “Numbers” (Plural)

What is your ONE number that, if you can meet it in 2015, you can celebrate SUCCESS?

My number for my real estate Sales business is 36.

My number for Pareto Realty is 16.

My accountability partners only need, then, to ask me ONE question:

“How are doing relative to 36 (or 16)?”

I KNOW that if i make those 2 numbers, I will more than meet any financial goals I could possibly conjure up with intricate math.


Can I have YOUR number?

Leave me your number in the comments and tell it to 5 of your best friends for accountability (don’t forget to ask THEM for THEIR ONE Number so you can return the favor)

Now GO and DO!

I’m proud of your commitment.


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