Call 10 People who MATTER – Meet 2 People who MATTER – EVERY DAY – You’ll Achieve Your Goals

Everyone wants to know the secret to success in sales!

Of course, there are many ways to skin this cat:

  • Knock on 50-100 doors 5 days a week in your geographic “Farm”
  • Designate 3 hours every day to “Cold Call” – Some do this first thing in the morning – Some in the evenings
  • Advertise in every print publication in the area
  • Buy a Billboard in your neighborhood
  • Work Expired and Withdrawn Listings
  • Bulk mail postcards with strong “Call to Action”
  • Buy internet leads
  • Develop a strong web presence with “Enhanced SEO”
  • Work FSBOs (For Sale By Owner)
  • Align yourself with other colleagues to take business they cannot serve (New Construction on-site agents)
  • Become a Showing – Buyer – Listing Specialist for a “Lead Agent” who generates all the leads
  • Specialize in Short sales and/or Foreclosures
  • Rely on “Floor Duty Calls”
  • Work “Relocation” business (Generally meaning getting leads from a relationship the Brokerage has secured
  • Write a “Content Rich” daily blog
  • and myriad others . . .

For each and every one of the above ways, there are “20%ers” . . . The Vital Few Professional SPECIALISTS who are KILLING it and knocking down astounding numbers of leads generated and sales closed.

The “Bad/Sad” news is that the remainder of the people attempting these ways are “80%ers” . . . The Trivial Many who are scratching and clawing their way and finding themselves on the financial roller coaster of one GREAT month followed by 2 or 3 NOTHING months.

These folks are living lives of high anxiety.

The real truth is that 20/80 is probably more generous than the reality . . . It’s probably more like 10/90 or 5/95 . . . and then there are the 1%ers who are winning the Platinum, Diamond, Gold awards every month/year.

Why such a disparity?

What hope is there for that “mass of men leading lives of quiet desperation?”

I believe we’re ALL wired to succeed . . .

We ALL have “20%er” potential within us!

The difficult part about this is that most people make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Many of those “Ways” above are VERY expensive in terms of financial and/or time and effort to do effectively, so if you’re not well funded or completely and resolutely COMMITTED to do whatever it takes, you’ll settle into an “80%er” groove.

The key for all of the above is that COMMITMENT thing . . . having the wherewithal to stick with it through the “Dip” while spooling things up.

There’s no half-assed way to win.

Many folks will meet with some early success and then experience disappointment for a period of time . . . and quit too early due to lack of resources (Money) or motivation (Commitment).

So . . . How can we make this whole process simpler AND achieve success (our goals)?

  • Start by Being who you are! Don’t be “THAT person!” who changes your whole being and persona just to make money. That’s akin to selling your soul to the devil.
  • Take care of yourself FIRST – Attend to your personal Spiritual, Mental, Social, Emotional, and Physical well being
  • EVERY day, make a list of the 10 people who matter most to you and your business THAT DAY . . . and call all of them before the day ends.
  • EVERY day, meet face-to-face with a minimum of 2 people – Could be prospects, clients, friends, family, vendors . . .

With every communication, LISTEN more than you talk . . . and be sure that the other person is aware that you are a real estate sales professional and you’re poised and ready to be their RESOURCE for ALL things real estate.

Find out how you can help them achieve THEIR goals . . . and be candid about your goals.

Ask them what a perfect prospect looks like in their business . . . and describe to them what a perfect prospect looks like in your business.

Make it easy for them to refer people to you by “teaching them” the best way:

“Just keep your ears open for folks talking about making a move – Mention my name and let them know that you’ll have me give them a call. Then call, text, or email me their name and phone number, and I’ll take it from there.”


It CAN be that easy to join The Vital Few!


Certainly, you can also do any of the above-mentioned lead generation strategies . . .

as long as you always LEAD with this foundational daily strategy of building strong relationships with the people who MATTER most each and every day.

PS – The uncomfortable truth of this strategy is that it doesn’t require any fancy CRM programs or drip campaigns . . .

It’s just good old-fashioned belly-to-belly human interaction.

Less is more!


Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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